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WorldProtector is a mod allows you to protect your constructions on your servers. It's based on the same principle as the plugin WorldGuard but with several differences at command level.

To protect your world you can define regions which can be protected against various actions by adding flags to the regions. These flags prevent certain actions/events from happening to protect the region: e.g. placing blocks, using doors or explosions destroying blocks.

This can be done with the Flag Stick in conjunction with the Region Stick or with commands. You can further add players to a regions which are then allowed to bypass these rules/flags.


Older Versions

The port of the 1.18.2 version introduces a lot of new flags, protection features, as well as some QoL improvements. This mentioned be aware that some described features below are not present in every version.

Also note that older versions (1.12, 1.14, 1.15) will most likely not be updated with the new features added in 1.18. If you are looking for a more up to date version for 1.12 take a look at WorldDefender which is a direct fork of WorldProtector.


How to create a region?



  • Dedicated Server: You'll need to have at least the OP level defined in your WorldProtector server configuration to be able to use WorldProtector.
  • Single player World: Enable cheats in your single player world to use WorldProtector.



The WorldProtector base command is /worldprotector by default. Alternatively you can also use /w-p or /wp. If you have JourneyMap installed the default base command will be /w-p due to JourneyMap using /wp to create waypoints.

  1. Use the Region Marker to mark the two blocks which define the area of the region.

  2. [Optional] Expand the Y level (height) of your marked region with the /worldprodtector expand vert [<Y1>] [<Y2>] command ( default is 0 to 255) or by using the secondary function of the Region Marker (see Region Marker tooltip).

  3. [Optional] Set the teleportation target of the region with SHIFT right-click on a block. You can teleport to this region later by using /worldprodtector region tp <region>. When not set, a default teleportation position will be calculated.

  4. Define your region: /worldprodtector region define <region> or by renaming the Region Marker in an anvil. The regions are saved with their name per dimension. This means you cannot have multiple regions with the same name in the same dimension. Defining a region with an already used name will override the existing one.

  5. Add flags to your region by using the appropriate command /worldprodtector flag add <region> <flag name> or by using the Flag Stick in conjunction with the Region Stick (see Flag Stick and Region Stick tooltips).

  6. [Optional] Add players or teams to your region which are allowed to bypass the flags by using the command /worldprodtector player add <region> <playername> or by using the Region Stick (see Region Stick tooltip for more details).





There are three different sticks, which can help you define regions, add and remove protection flags to them, as well as players. These sticks are extension to the already existing commands the mod offers.

Except for the marking, which has to be done with the Region Marker, it is possible to use this mod only with the command line. But the most common task can also be done without commands!

Be sure to check out the tooltips of the sticks to get more information!


Region Marker (the red one)

The Region Marker allows you to mark an area (cuboid) for which you can then specify a name later(no whitespace allowed!). To mark a region you simply mark to blocks in the world by clicking on them. Additional you can SHIFT + right-click to set a teleport target for the region you are marking.


Region Stick (the blue one)

The Region Stick is used to select the region you want to edit. This can be done by holding it in your main hand and left-clicking. With this you are able to cycle through the regions defined in your current dimension.

When selected a region it is possible to add players to the region by first choosing the desired mode (add or remove player) with SHIFT + right-click, and then hitting a player (don't worry it does not hurt). Added players are not affected by the flags.


Flag Stick (the green one)

The Flag Stick is used to select the flag you want to add/remove to/from a region. This works analog to the region stick. First choose the corresponding mode (add or remove flag) with SHIFT + right-click, then hold the Region Stick with the selected region in your offhand, finally hold-right click to apply the flag to the region.

You can also put a bunch of name tags, named with the corresponding flag names in an anvil, into a container and shift-right click on the container to add or remove all flags in the container at once! This way you are able to group flags for the same purpose in a container and reuse it when needed. A real time saver!




Interactive commands

There are several new QoL-Features available in the more recent versions.

You can use the interactive links (indicated by the colored text) to copy commands into your chat or run them directly with a single click. Just hover over the links and read the hints to know what they are doing.

Try it out! I would love to have some feedback. :-)

Note: Journey Map also uses the /worldprodtector command. For this reason WorldProtector offers /w-p or /wp as alternatives.


Command overview

Currently, there are four types of commands to manager regions:

  • /worldprodtector region: Define, update, remove, activate/deactivate, set region priority; List regions, query information, teleport to regions regions;

  • /worldprodtector expand: allows to modify the Y level (height) of the marked region.

  • /worldprodtector flag: allows to define one or several flags (rules) for a region to protect it.

  • /worldprodtector player: allows to add/remove players to/from regions

  • /worldprodtector team: allows to add/remove teams to/from regions

Use /worldprodtector help for more information. Or /worldprodtector help <command> for information about a specific command.



Currently, there are 57 flags available. Click below to show the complete list.


To add a flag use the command /worldprodtector flag add <region> <flag>. To remove a flag from a region use /worldprodtector flag remove <region> <flag>.


To add or remove multiple flags at once just separate them with a space between them.


You are also able to add or remove all flags by using the special flag 'all': /worldprodtector flag <add|remove> <region> all




<details open=""><summary>Flag list </summary></details>


  • break: prevents players from breaking blocks and picking up fluids
  • place: prevents players from placing blocks and fluids
  • ignite-explosives: prevents explosives from blowing up
  • explosions-blocks: prevents all explosions from destroying blocks
  • explosions-entities: prevents all explosions from damaging entities
  • creeper-explosions-blocks: prevents explosions caused by Creepers to destroy blocks
  • creeper-explosions-entities: prevents explosions caused by Creepers to damage entities
  • other-explosions-blocks: prevents all other explosions from destroying blocks
  • other-explosions-entities: prevents all other explosions from damaging entities
  • tools-secondary: prevents all type of secondary tool actions (strip wood, till farmland, create paths)
  • strip-wood: prevents wood from being stripped
  • till-farmland: prevents farmland from being tilled
  • shovel-path: prevents creation of path blocks
  • trample-farmland: prevents all farmland trampling
  • trample-farmland-player: prevents players from trampling farmland
  • trample-farmland-other: prevents non-player entities from trampling farmland
  • lightning: prevents entities from being hit by lightning (or at least get hurt/transformed)
  • animal-taming: prevents players from taming animals
  • animal-breeding: prevents players from breeding animals
  • animal-mounting: prevents players from mounting animals
  • spawning-all: prevents spawning of all entities
  • spawning-monsters: prevents spawning of monsters
  • spawning-animal: prevents spawning of animals
  • spawning-irongolem: prevents spawning of iron golems
  • spawning-xp: prevents spawning of xp orbs completely
  • use: prevents players to interact with most blocks like buttons, doors, pressure plates, etc.
  • use-bonemeal: prevents players from using bone meal
  • access-container: prevents players from accessing most containers
  • access-enderchest: prevents players from accessing their ender chest
  • enderpearl-from: prevents ender pearl teleportation out of a region
  • enderpearl-to: prevents ender pearl teleportation to a region
  • enderman-teleport-from: prevents enderman from teleporting out of a region
  • enderman-teleport-to: prevents enderman from teleporting to a region
  • shulker-teleport-from: prevents shulkers from teleporting out of a region
  • shulker-teleport-to: prevents shulkers from teleporting to a region
  • item-drop: prevents players from dropping items
  • item-pickup: prevents players from picking up items
  • xp-drop-all: prevents all entities from dropping xp orbs
  • xp-drop-monster: prevents monsters from dropping xp orbs
  • xp-drop-other: prevents non-hostile entities from dropping xp orbs
  • level-freeze: prevents the player levels from increasing/decreasing (xp orbs will still be picked up)
  • xp-freeze: prevents the player from gaining xp from xp orbs
  • attack-players: prevents players from damaging other players (PvP)
  • attack-animals: prevents players from damaging animals
  • attack-villagers: prevents players from damaging villagers
  • attack-monsters: prevents players from damaging monsters
  • invincible: prevents players from taking damage
  • fall-damage: prevents entities from taking fall damage
  • fall-damage-players: prevents players from taking fall damage
  • fall-damage-animals: prevents animals from taking fall damage
  • fall-damage-villagers: prevents villagers from taking fall damage
  • fall-damage-monsters: prevents monsters from taking fall damage
  • send-chat: prevents players from sending chat messages (doesn't block commands)
  • exec-command: prevents players from executing commands
  • set-spawn: prevents players from setting their spawn point
  • sleep: prevents players from sleeping
  • spawn-portal: prevents creating of portal blocks by lighting obsidian
  • use-portal: prevents all entities from using portals
  • use-portal-players: prevents players from using portals
  • use-portal-villagers: prevents villager entities from using portals
  • use-portal-animals: prevents animal entities from using portals
  • use-portal-monsters: prevents monster entities from using portals
  • use-portal-minecarts: prevents minecart entities from using portals
  • use-portal-items: prevents item entities from using portals



Region priority / Overlapping regions

If a region is inside another region you have to use the command /worldprodtector region set-priority <region> <priority> to give a specific region more priority over another. The higher the number, the higher the regions' priority.


Let's suppose that there is a pvp arena in your spawn. Your spawn forbids pvp, but your in your arena you want to have pvp allowed. Then it's necessary that the arena gains the upper hand over the spawn to activate, if not pvp will not be possible.


Therefore, the arena region needs to have a higher priority than the spawn region. The following example show how to achieve this:

/worldprodtector region set-priority spawn 1

/worldprodtector region set-priority arena 2




Gif showing the new command line QoL features introduced in version 1.18.2-


Region info quality of life features (1.18.2-


Additional information

  • The mod has to be installed on the client and on the server.
  • You can use this mod in a custom modpack.



Found a bug? Or do you have an idea for a new flag or just a general suggestions for the mod?

Don't hesitate to propose them to me. Or even better: Open a new issue!


Special thanks

Thanks to BrokenSwing for his help about regions and safeguard in the world.

Thanks to xEdek_ for the 1.12 fork WorldDefender.

Thanks to z0rdak for the 1.16.5 fork WorldProtector



This mod is open sourced under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Non-Commercial License (see Links below).

You are free to:

  • Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
  • Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material
  • The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.

Under the following conditions:

  • Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.
  • NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes.
  • No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits.



Q: Is WorldProtector available for the Fabric Modloader?

A: No. At this time WorldProtector has no Fabric port, but if the demand is big enough, I will consider it.


Q: Will the new features of the 1.18.2 version be backported to older versions?

A: For now I will be focusing on improving the 1.18.2 version as well as porting the mod to newer versions, sorry.


Q: Can you implement a flag for <your feature here>?

A: Maybe. Consider creating an issue on the WorldProtector RE Github page.


Q: Why can't I use the commands provided by WorldProtector?

A: Make sure you have at least the OP level defined in your WorldProtector server configuration or enable cheats in your single player world.


Q: Why are not all commands with /wp <command> working and prompting errors?

A: JourneyMap also uses the /wp command. Try using /w-p or /worldprotector instead.