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Hello. I and my brother have done events on the theme of WORLD OF WARCRAFT, WARCRAFT and Hearthstone. While this is not the final version, and everything can change.




Mod have:

- 64 mobs(Old-Murk,Ragnaros,Priest Shade Sarvis and CaptainGreenskin)

- 28 Armor(9 Armor for Rogue,1,2,3 Tier)

- Russian Sounds

- English Sounds

- 12 Dangeons

- Molten Core

- Black Temple

- Biome Dead

- Tools and Swords

- Some mobs animated


- More mobs(For each biome) +/-

- Transform some armor

- Add Animation

- English Sounds +

- More Dangeons(Now the pirates are planning to ship and Deathwing) +/-

- System Class +

- More Swords and Tools +

- More food and plants

- More blocks

World with all structures:

Thank you for 45000 downloads!!! !!! =)




vladikstepanov(Scouged Man)


WolRoy(Some 3D Items)


45_NICK_45(Eng/Rus),45_TOBI_45(Rus),Bamboopandaren(Rus/Eng) and vladikstepanov(Eng)




45_NICK_45 and Begerit (Thank him great)

45_NICK_45,45_TOBI_45,vladikstepanov,Resu,Bamdeee,Maxim,bamboopandaren,Ignat,Robzin and Wolroy


Update 1.5 




 -Mana Wyrm(Aggressive).


 -Obsidian Elemental(Aggressive).

 -Priest Shade Sarvis(Boss;It can be found in the Temple of the Dead).

 -Captain Greenskin(Boss;It can be found in the Pirate Ship Captain Greenskin).


 -Crocodile Meat.

 -Bear Meat.

 -Crocodiles Scales.

 -Roast Bear Meat.

 -Key From Temple of the Dead(can be found in the Pirate Ship Captain Greenskin;need to open Temple of the Dead).

 -Bit(5.5 attack damage).

 -Bit Crocodile(7 attack damage).

 -Epic Pirate Sword(9 attack damage;Right-mouse gives strength 4,Cooldown 10 sec).

 -Poison Undead Staff(poisonous shoots fireball).


 -Cemetery(It can be found in the biomes of the Dead).
 -Temple of the Dead(It can be found in the biomes of the Dead).

 -Pirate Ship Captain Greenskin(It can be found in the Ocean).

Bag fixs and etc:

 -Changed Biome Dead.

 -Added entity firing Musket ,Ice Elemental and Pirate Hawk.

 -Altered texture Backsword and Bo Staff.

 -Added English sounds.

 -Now head elementals look in the direction in which the inserted.

 -Added sounds to CaptainGreenskin and Elementals. 

 -Fix bag with Elemental,which caused crash.

 Update 1.5.1 (Bag fixs)

Bag fixs and etc:

 -Added sounds to Mana Wyrm,Crocolisk,Yeti,Obsidian Elemental and Bear.

 -Fix bag with Captain Greenskin,which caused crash.

 -Delete spawn Poganishe in Desert.

 -The chance of finding Yeti,Mana Wyrm and Obsidian Elemental increased.

 Update 1.5.2(Bag fixs)

Bag fixs and etc:

 -Increased health Captain Greenskin to 400.

 -Now Ice Elementals do not kill their allies.

 -Fix bag with Dirt Elemental.

 -The chance of finding Lava Elemental,Obsidian Elemental

 -Fix bag with Crocodile,Bear meat.

 -Reduce the effects of pirate cards.

 -Strengthened staff Bo.

 Update 1.5.3(Language fix)

Changed the Russian localization.

 Update 1.6(Molten Core Update)



-Sand Elemental(Desert)

-Fire Elemental Son

-Molten Giant(Molten Core)

-Garr(Boss;Molten Core)

-Baron Geddon(Boss;Molten Core)

-Majordomo Executus(Boss;Molten Core)

-Flamewaker(Molten Core)

-Flamewaker Acolyte(Molten Core)


A lot of new weapons,instruments and  items.

-Key From Molten Core(Can drop from Surprise Magic Block)

-Fire Chestplate

-Sulfuras(3D model;AMAZING) 


Molten Core:

-Large dungeon

-It can be found in hell

-4 Bosses(Garr,Baron Geddon,Majordomo Executus and Ragnaros the Firelord)

-A lot of loot


-Magic ore

-Surprise Magic Block

-WoW crafttable(5 has 5 slots;It allows you to craft new weapons)

-Volcanic Ore Masher(Mixes ore;To work need a hell of a dust that falls from the hellish monsters)

All craft can be found here: WoW Crafttable and Volcanic Ore Masher

 Bag fixs and etc:

-Removed half of items

-Changed Hammer,Bone Armor

-Changed the craft Bone Armor,Hammer's,Bone Sword,Twinds blade

-Changed texture Twinds Blade

-Changed Ragnaros(now no wip)!!!

-Make a full description of items in

-Сhanged Bo Staff and Sword Capitan Greenskin


Update 1.7(Legion Update)



If you are difficult to write an opinion in the comments.Thanks for reading.


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