What this mod does

When a player reaches one end of the world, he'll get teleportet to the other side.


World size and notification range are configurable.



ChangeLog Release v1.1.0:

Initial 1.11 release

  • world border is correctly updating now (1.11.2 ONLY, this is a Forge bug)
  • non-player entities keep their momentum after teleporting
  • teleportation and worldborder can now be configured for each dimension individually

 Terms of Use

Me, UpcraftLP (the Owner) holds all rights regarding modifying and redistributing this Modification (the Mod) or it's source code.

You are not allowed to re-upload this mod or it's source files. Do not distribute modified versions of this mod without written permissions granted by the Owner.

You are not allowed to make money out of this Mod in any form (including ad-walls), except video monetarization on YouTube.com.

You are allowed to publish screenshots or videos containing parts of this Mod, as long as you provide credit and a link to one of the Mod's official pages.

ModPack policy:

Feel free to use this Mod in any ModPack as long as you provide credit and a link to to one of the Mod's official pages.

ModPacks containing this mod must be available for free; they must not be available to download behind an ad-wall or any other form of monetarization.


Offical pages for downloading this Mod:

Curse (link)

CurseForge (this page)


All source code of this Mod is made publicly available on GitHub (link).




Feel free to leave comments and suggestions, but use the Issue Tracker if you've found any bugs ;)