World Handler - Command GUI

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Filename WorldHandler-1.12.2-2.0-Universal.jar
Uploaded by Exopandora
Uploaded Feb 5, 2018
Game Version Forge
Size 406.91 KB
Downloads 212
MD5 20bf8aa55095cef8922a7cc35b7634bd
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions
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Java 8


Recode 2.0
- Added headline color as a config option
- Added option tag and trigger for scoreboard players
- Added reset for advancements
- Updated config file format
- Updated translations
- Updated layout
- Updated biome indicator (should work better with modded biomes)
- Changed command syntax display
- Changed /worldhandler show to /worldhandler display
- Fixed setworldspawn and spawnpoint
- Fixed equipment not working for summon
- Fixed wrong translation for biome indicator settings
- Fixed translation typo
- Fixed potential config file issues
- Fixed custom potions not having an item model
- Fixed /worldhandler display not showing the mouse cursor
- /worldhandler and /wh now work in multiplayer
- Removed custom data from summon
- Potions can now be combined if given as an item
- Open source and signed