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677K Downloads Updated May 9, 2020 Created Jan 14, 2019

Improvements for the Nether (plants, biomes, structures, worldgen)

286K Downloads Updated May 15, 2020 Created Mar 7, 2020

Dynamically changes chunk view distance based on load

195K Downloads Updated May 21, 2020 Created Apr 14, 2019

Augmenting Thaumcraft with new content that would fit in with the base mod

214K Downloads Updated May 19, 2020 Created Dec 7, 2019

Adds snow under trees in snowy biomes

821K Downloads Updated Dec 19, 2018 Created Mar 4, 2018

An addon for Dynamic Trees to add Biomes O' Plenty support

820K Downloads Updated Jun 29, 2019 Created Oct 29, 2018

Just a regular 1.12 biomes mod

296K Downloads Updated Mar 28, 2020 Created Dec 18, 2019

A lightweight mod to prevent strongholds from being torn up by underground caves, ravines, structures...

264K Downloads Updated May 10, 2020 Created Jul 28, 2019

Adds a dimension consisting just of caves

741K Downloads Updated Jul 28, 2019 Created Jul 3, 2018

A mod that make ender dragon eggs hatchable also feature some elemental dragons a breeds....

466K Downloads Updated Dec 19, 2018 Created Oct 14, 2018

New biomes for the end dimension

366K Downloads Updated Jan 5, 2019 Created Nov 23, 2018

An addon for Dynamic Trees to add Pam's Harvestcraft trees support

271K Downloads Updated Aug 20, 2019 Created Aug 15, 2019

Overhauls terrain generation and biome placement using only vanilla biomes

282K Downloads Updated Mar 20, 2020 Created Sep 18, 2019

Nether portals spread (nether) blocks to the overworld around the portal in a configurable radius.

209K Downloads Updated Apr 10, 2020 Created Nov 19, 2017

This mode adds a meteor that crashes to the ground

585K Downloads Updated May 1, 2020 Created Dec 12, 2015

Global addon for GalactiCraft

162K Downloads Updated May 9, 2020 Created Nov 12, 2019

A fully customizable mod that adds Amethyst and Black Opal ores which are respectively 3x...

270K Downloads Updated May 23, 2020 Created Mar 16, 2019

Official 1.15.2 Release! Fixed server crashing bug! New Poll! The Infection has spread its roots!...

367K Downloads Updated May 26, 2020 Created Mar 6, 2018

Spawns Vanilla and Modded Ores in the Nether

400K Downloads Updated Jan 5, 2020 Created Aug 27, 2019

Adds underground structures, treasures pots, mushrooms, stalactites and even more !

182K Downloads Updated Jan 30, 2020 Created Jan 22, 2020

Makes the bedrock layer of your world flat