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6.2M Downloads Updated Dec 5, 2018 Created Mar 2, 2018

New creatures to enhance atmosphere and exploration!

6.9M Downloads Updated Apr 20, 2020 Created Oct 8, 2014

Strange and Deadly Creatures!

3M Downloads Updated Jan 16, 2021 Created Jul 9, 2019

A mod that improves the content in Update Aquatic.

8.4M Downloads Updated Nov 22, 2020 Created Mar 4, 2018

Makes Wither and Ender Dragon harder as more you kill 'em

3.8M Downloads Updated Mar 4, 2021 Created Dec 20, 2019

A mod that improves the content in Buzzy Bees.

9.8M Downloads Updated Jan 14, 2020 Created Dec 9, 2017

Adds a dimension for hunting mobs.

1.5M Downloads Updated Mar 3, 2021 Created Aug 12, 2020

Craft custom spells, summon magical servants, and make powerful wearables and tools!

2.5M Downloads Updated Jan 25, 2021 Created Dec 2, 2019

Improves the burning and fire mechanics of Minecraft.

15.7M Downloads Updated May 18, 2020 Created Mar 31, 2015

Runner-up of the 1st ModJam, adds unlockable hats onto players and mobs, as well as...

8.3M Downloads Updated Dec 3, 2018 Created Sep 18, 2017

This mod hooks in to the GameStage API, and allows mob spawning to be gated...

2.4M Downloads Updated Jan 4, 2021 Created Feb 29, 2020

Adds an autumn-themed biome with a new wood type and a new critter, which lives...

19.8M Downloads Updated Feb 26, 2019 Created Dec 1, 2014

Adds bags of loot to mob and dungeon drops

1.5M Downloads Updated Feb 16, 2021 Created May 19, 2020

This mod allows pack devs to create a dynamic number of customized bees.

6.4M Downloads Updated Sep 12, 2020 Created Nov 15, 2016

Adds armors and storage for wolves!

965K Downloads Updated Mar 2, 2021 Created Dec 7, 2020

35+ New mobs that seamlessly mesh with the default game.

1.6M Downloads Updated Jan 16, 2021 Created Jul 27, 2015

A mod to blacklist mobs from spawning.

1.7M Downloads Updated Mar 4, 2021 Created May 7, 2020

A mod about improving and expanding illagers in Minecraft with new structures, enemies and challenges!

4.3M Downloads Updated Dec 1, 2019 Created Aug 1, 2017

Adds dangerous defiled biomes filled with unique dangers and treasures

9.9M Downloads Updated Jul 3, 2020 Created Mar 31, 2015

“Acquire” and turn into most living mobs by killing them including other players, silverfish, mobs...

1.7M Downloads Updated Nov 10, 2020 Created Apr 21, 2020

A mod that expands the Illager family by adding a new Magician illager called The...