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1.3M Downloads Updated Jul 18, 2016 Created Feb 22, 2015

Overhauls the End with many new areas to explore, bosses to fight and rewards to...

61K Downloads Updated Jul 3, 2019 Created Jul 2, 2019

A small compatibility mod for Nature's Aura and Topography

340K Downloads Updated Feb 7, 2018 Created Feb 7, 2018

There is cake and it takes you to The End!

446K Downloads Updated Sep 27, 2019 Created Oct 25, 2015

The Futurepack is a modification adding future-themed materials, resources and other stuff.

494K Downloads Updated Apr 24, 2018 Created Oct 27, 2015

Harness the raw power of lightning to shape the world to your whim!

2M Downloads Updated Jun 24, 2017 Created Apr 25, 2014

Customizable Flat Bedrock generation

223K Downloads Updated Oct 1, 2019 Created Jul 13, 2013

Your dreams are new worlds for you to explore.

468K Downloads Updated Jun 22, 2019 Created Feb 19, 2016

The Nether has been upgraded! New Dimension, Dungeons, Bosses, & More!

110K Downloads Updated Oct 17, 2019 Created Apr 3, 2018

This mod aims to expands upon The End by adding a variety of features to...

95.7K Downloads Updated Sep 7, 2018 Created Aug 5, 2016

Its main purpose is to add a blank planet which is called "Black Hole" to...

26.6K Downloads Updated Jul 25, 2019 Created Jul 25, 2019

A mod inspired by the original roguelike dungeons mod

210K Downloads Updated Nov 7, 2016 Created Oct 7, 2015

Explore the Star Wars Galaxy!

119K Downloads Updated Jan 13, 2019 Created Mar 25, 2018

Adds various food items to the game through world generation & a new dimension

42.8K Downloads Updated Oct 20, 2019 Created Mar 27, 2019

Terrain Overhaul

447K Downloads Updated Oct 21, 2019 Created Jun 21, 2014

A Minecraft Mod, based entirely off of the AVP franchise. It's also based off of...

93.4K Downloads Updated Oct 14, 2019 Created Jul 16, 2016

An Adventure & Exploration mod like no other with over 70 biomes!

36K Downloads Updated Oct 9, 2019 Created Apr 22, 2019

You want something new? Explore Fantasia to get awesome tools, fight heavy bosses or collect...

235K Downloads Updated Jun 12, 2017 Created Jan 24, 2015

Adds configurable clay veins to the natural world generation!

50.2K Downloads Updated Apr 5, 2019 Created Jan 30, 2018

A frozen alien world on top, but underground... lies a different story.

407K Downloads Updated Jul 29, 2019 Created Jun 21, 2013

Adds lots of features from the popular Television Program, Doctor Who