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                      BoringEndGame V0.10a isn't released yet! This is just the banner to prepare for it's release since the next few snapshots are all focused on the ocean now.                                                                                  






(7/16/21) 4,300+ downloads! WOAH! I'm on a short hiatus at the moment, since I want to take a break and replan some parts of the mod. Sorry for the silence.

(12/1/21) 7,000+ downloads. I'm sorry for not being around to update the mod anymore, as I no longer have time due to college. 2w06C is in a very incomplete but stable state. It will be released as is. (PLEASE NOTE THAT 1.17.1 and 1.16.5 BUILDS ARE STILL ON 2W06B-2 FOR THE TIME BEING. I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO PORT OVER 1.15.2 VERSION OF 2w06C ATM)


2w06a Amax Dimension Revamp!




This is my first mod that I have made public, and it adds a few new dimensions and random items and mobs as well. It also has a class progression system similar to games like Terraria and it is in progress at the moment.


It has new gear, weapons, guns, mobs and resources to mine. This mod will not add new overworld, nether or end biomes, since other mods already do it better than this. This mod is also meant to be played on it's own since it is balanced around itself and it's designed to be a Vanilla expansion rather than just giving OP weapons from the start, but you can add this mod with other mods


Current Playable Classes

Warrior (Nearly Finished, only needing 1 or 2 more classes of weapons)

Ranger (Half Done, Crossbow Repeater Weapon Class being introduced in 0.10a)

Gunner (Nearly Finished, Cannon Weapon Class being introduced in 0.10a)

Mage (WIP, Started; currently only 4 spells in the game as of snapshot 2w03e.)

Rogue (WIP)

Paladin (WIP)


List of Upcoming Features for the next update (0.10a)

Expansion of the Sea, V0.10a update theme is about Atlantis!

New Underwater Dungeon and Village type.

New mini biomes underground and underwater!

New Ore and Armor + Weapon set featuring prismarine!

Various new blocks and items to get!

Finishing the Gunner and Mage Classes as well as the Warrior class.

Starting on other classes.

More Biome specific enemies and structures for the vanilla game.

More monsters to fight and battle in the ocean.

Finished versions of Dimensions, with more to do in them. (Slowly it will be done!)

Bug fixes and more!


Timeline of Updates

V0.8.6b ---> V0.9a (57 days elapsed) 

V0.9a stable ----> V10 Snapshot 2w01e beta (74 days elapsed)

V0.9a stable ---> V10 stable (X days elapsed)

1. How do I access the dimensions?
You can access Amax by building a portal frame out of oak wood logs, use Pineapple friend in order to activate the portal. For Nutus, build a portal frame out of cobblestone and use Silver and Steel. For Evunica craft Ruby Infused Mossy Cobble and use Ruby and Steel, and for Icedia use packed ice and flint and snow.
2. How do I pick a class?
The style of classes are in the style of terraria, where you can multi-class and go for specific items during different stages of the game. (For example, Warrior class; go for melee weapons. Gunner class, stick with guns, etc)
3. How do I find the recipes for the mod?
Use NEI or any other recipe guide.
4. Fabric or backporting?
No. MCreator doesn't support 1.12 anymore (Plus there are hundreds of other mods that do better than this one in 1.12 aka Advent of Ascension), and I do not want to port over to Fabric. My focus right now is on 1.14*, 1.15 and 1.16. (*1.14.4's last release is V0.10a stable.) *1.14.4 has been canned.
5. Can you add X compatibility to mod?
Once I gain the knowledge on how to create compatibility or integrations to other mods I will do that. 
6. Will there be bosses? Secret items? Easter eggs?
Bosses are being planned, and there is already a secret dimension and a few items.

7. Will all versions be updated at the same time?

All supported versions by MCreator will be updated, the latest version will be the first; while older versions will receive updates last or after a stable version for the latest version of MC has been released. 

8. What is this mod compatible or not compatible with?

Popular mods like Quark and Charm have been tested as well as this mod being placed in a large 1.15 modpack with no issues. This mod does change loot pools for Weaponsmith Chests and Shipwrecks, because MCreator overrides vanilla pools, you won't be able to find items from other mods if they generate items into these chests. These will be the only two things I will override in this mod from vanilla Minecraft. If you find any incompatibles (because MCreator mods are known to act up at times), be sure to report them. 
9. Does this mod integrate with any mods?
I am planning to add Patchouli and NEI support soon in V9 or in a future patch after V9. There is a temporary starter guide book for now until then.

10. What items can the Kiln (V10 Snapshot 2w04c) smelt?

The Kiln can smelt these items: Clay, Netherrack, Wet Sponge, Stone, Cobblestone, and Glass.



The music in the mod is from: https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music