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Short introduction

Mod replaces silly wooden tools and tree punching with more reasonable options. 


You heard this before. There are small mods that add flint tools and maybe grass fiber; there are large mods like MITE that completely change the game. And I liked none of them.

I wanted a more believable early game. I wanted more difficult but still satisfying early game. Since no modder did it right, here we are...


How to play

Click the "pages" link above this description.


Vision and history

Although first published for 1.18, this mod is far older but author tends to get to 97% and then stop. And pretty-much finished mod lives in his mod folder.

It was partly inspired by "minecraft is too easy", where there was a clear pre-stone phase of the game. That is what I wanted to capture. But only that; there are no more similarities with MITE because its author Avernite is apparently a sadist.


I am not a sadist. I can make the start more difficult, I can make you worry about food and shelter, but I want you to get out of all that victoriously - proud of yourself and, perchance, a tad thankful to me for making this.


Related mods

The idea is that I make a bunch of tiny mods and that you pick what you like. I hate large mods like MITE - they take control of entire game. I will focus on small parts and try not to bother the player when they are not doing the thing the mod is about. For some reason many modders can't seem to do that.


First one you should look into is Cook your food - tiny mod that pushes players to cook their food or suffer negative effects.

...to continue...