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This mod will not be updated beyond 1.12.2. You can easily make a datapack with these recipes for 1.13 and up.


Do you know the moments, where you only have spruce wood but need some acacia wood desperately? Did you craft too much planks and need logs, but don't have any trees nearby? Then this mod is for YOU! With the WoodConverter mod you can convert all your wood, leaves and more into their other types! You can also craft stairs, slabs and more back into planks, and those back into logs!

All of the following recipes can be applied to any of the shown block types (i.e. the plank recipe works the same for all plank types). The converting order is as followed: Oak -> Spruce -> Birch -> Jungle -> Acacia -> Dark Oak -> Oak

The following recipes are shapeless, which means that you can place the shown items in any order into your workbench. They also apply for all other wood types.



Other features:

  • Starting from v2.6_3, WoodConverter will check for updates each first time a world is loaded after the game was started. You will be informed in the chat, whether there is an update available or not. As of v2.7, you can configure this feature in the config file. Introduced in v2.8_2, VersionChecker takes over the job of my custom written UpdateChecker. I highly suggest that you use VersionChecker as it's probably supported by many of other mods you installed, and helps you to keep them up to date!
  • Starting from v2.10, you can disable recipes in the configuration file.


You are allowed to use this mod in any modpack.


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