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This modification adds new unique enchantments to the game.
I have tried to add enchantments that fit Minecraft and ensure that they were as
balanced as possible. A detailed description of all enchantments can be found on the Wiki.
Since version 1.0.0 this mod requires a Majrusz Library to work!

- 19+ new enchantments and 5+ new curses
- all enchantments are highly configurable in the configuration file
- shields and horse armors are now enchantable
- supports Enchantment Descriptions
- supports JEI Enchantment Info

Fuse Cutter
Cancels nearby explosions when the player blocks with a shield.

Adds items directly to the inventory if possible, when mining blocks and killing mobs.

Sixth Sense
Eavesdrops on the footsteps of mobs and highlights them for a few seconds.

Frost Rider
Creates frosted ice blocks when a horse is walking over water.

And much more!

- chechnyacool488, nikita28466, lottuce-yami for the Russian translation
- 0골덕0 for the Korean translation
- giovyxz_00 for the Italian translation
- Pancakes0228, Andows96, Fiocher for the Chinese translation
- crafting-Aaron, critvanilla for the Spanish translation
- Coliop for the French translation
- Kaira#8571 for the Turkish translation
- unroman for the Ukrainian translation