Wolf Armor and Storage

1,833,574 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 8, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Adds new capabilities to wolves to enable tamed wolves to equip various armors and hold up to six items in storage.


It gets asked a lot: Yes, you may include this in your modpack.


Armored / pack wolves!


Supports configuration to customize rendering layers, and other options:

  • Enable and disable wolf packs entirely
  • Enable and disable wolf pack rendering
  • Enable and disable wolf health / armor display in the inventory
  • Enable and disable wolf armor rendering
  • Allow wolves to eat food items directly from their packs
  • Make untamed wolves howl at the full moon


Wolf armor and health display


Right-click a tamed wolf with a chest in hand to add six slots of storage.


Wolf with storage spaces


Leather wolf armor is dyeable, just like normal leather armor!


Custom names show in the inventory as well


Apply wolf armor via dispensers!


Dispenser armor application


Each type of armor is craftable!


New Recipes


Known Incompatibilities:

Anything that overrides or replaces the basic wolf entity, including but not limited to:

Planned Features:

  • Crafting recipe toggle in configuration (January 2017)
  • Custom Enchantment Types on Wolf Armor
  • Display applied potion effects in wolf inventory / alter heart appearance based on status effects
  • Make wolves more or less aggressive dependent on their armor level, armor enchantments, and whether or not they have a backpack
  • Thaumcraft integration
  • API to register custom wolf armor types, chest types, etc.

Other Possible Additions (with probable difficulty in parenthesis):

  • Ender Chest wolves? (3)
  • Hopper functionality? (8)
  • Add a whistle to call off attacking wolves? (6)
  • Tighten up the wolf teleportation mechanics? (10)
  • Player Capability that tracks owned wolves? (10)
  • Command / Training Tab in Wolf Inventory for AI tweaking (targeting, aggression, etc.)? (8)
  • Horse armor tweaks? (7, probably another mod entirely)



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