🧙🏻‍♂️ Destroy your enemies with Arcane, Fire and Frost magic!

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Obtain magical weapons such as Wands and Staves, to shoot down your enemies. All of them have a basic attack spell.

Runes serve as ammunition for casted spells (much like arrows for bows). More information about crafting runes.

Spell Books

Expand your magical arsenal with Spell Books, hosting additional powerful spells.

Find a Spell Binding Table in village Gazebos, or build your own (just don't forget bookshelves around the Spell Binding Table).

Use it to create one of the Wizard Spell Books: Arcane Tome, Fire Tome, Frost Tome.

Equip your spell book to use its content with a wand or staff.

Magical equipment

Explore new, craftable, various wizard robes, with different magical bonuses, to boost your spell damage.

Equipment bonuses are configureable in config/wizards/items.json.

Magical enchantments

Unlock powerful enchantments for spell casting, for example:

Spell Infinity to cast spells without Rune cost

Spell Power to increase spell damage in general

Spell Haste to increase spell casting speed

Discover even more in-game! Use Enchantment Descriptions!

Enchantments are configureable in config/spell_power/enchantments.json.

Extended dungeon loot

Find magic equipment in dungeon loot chests!

Loot table injections are configurable in config/rpg_series/loot.json.

New village structures

Find Wizard Towers in villages, where Wizard Merchant villagers sell magic equipment!

The spawn weight and limit are configureable in config/wizards/villages.json.

🔧 Configuration

Spell casting mechanics and HUD can be configured under Mod Menu / Spell Engine / Settings.

Item attributes of wizard equipment, chest loot chances, village structure generation can be configured by changing config JSON files under config/wizards/

🤝 Integrations

  • ✅ Better Combat
  • ✅ Merchant Marks
  • ✅ BetterEnd - mod specific weapon
  • ✅ BetterNether - mod specific weapons
  • ✅ Repurposed Structures - Towers data pack
  • 🏗️ Graveyard - loot tables
  • 🏗️ Terralith - world gen