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This Mod adds mystical Ores and Artifacts into the game! 





There are a total of 7 ores at the moment:



Ruby (Garnet*)

Sapphire (Aquamarine*)

Topaz (Citrine*)

Amethyst (Kunzite*)


Malachite (Beryl*)


(* Some of those names will be used if Biomes O Plenty, GregTech and/or Project Red is installed)


Titanium is about as rare as Diamond. You can find this ore in every Overworld Biome under y 16 in veins of 1-7 Ores. You will need at least a Diamond Pickaxe or any Pickaxe with Mining Level 3+ to mine Titanium. Titanium is a very important ore, because you will need it for almost every item in this mod!


The other 6 Ores are Gem Ores. They are about as rare as Emerald, but you will only find those Ores in their specific Biomes:


Ruby: Forest like areas and Plains.

Sapphire: Ocean like areas and Beach Biomes.

Topaz: Snow/Ice like areas and Taiga Biomes.

Amethyst: Swamp like areas and Roofed Forest Biomes.

Opal: Desert like areas, Mesa Biomes and Savannah Biomes.

Malachite: Jungle like areas.


Biomes O Plenty, Extra Biomes XL and Highlands Biomes are supported too!


You can find these ores under y 32 in veins of 1-3 Ores. You will need at least a Iron Pickaxe or any Pickaxe with Mining Level 2+ to mine Gem Ores. The Ores will drop one of their respective Gems and some Experience.

The Ores spawn probability, max height and Vein Size can be configured in the config file!



All Gems are used to be combined with Titanium to make strong Alloys. But to make these Alloys you will need Ore Dust. There are a total of 9 Dusts you can make with this mod. To crush Titanium and the Gems into Dust you can make a Titan Crusher.


Simply take one Gem/Titanium Ingot and rightclick the Titan Crusher with it. The Gem/Titanium Ingot will be consumed and you will get 1 Gem/Titanium Dust. Now you can combine the Dusts to make Mixtures:


4x Ruby Dust + Titanium Dust = Red Titan Mixture

4x Sapphire Dust + Titanium Dust = Blue Titan Mixture

4x Topaz Dust + Titanium Dust = Yellow Titan Mixture

4x Amethyst Dust + Titanium Dust = Purple Titan Mixture

4x Opal Dust + Titanium Dust = Orange Titan Mixture

4x Malachite Dust + Titanium Dust = Green Titan Mixture


The Mixtures can be smelted in a furnace to get the Alloys.


There is also one very powerful Alloy, called Enhanced Titanium.

Enhanced Titanium can be made with Crystal Dust and normal Titanium Dust. Crystal Dust can be crafted by putting all 6 Gems together in a Crafting Table.





Titanium is also a pretty good Material for Tools, Weapons and Armor.


Titanium Tools and Sword have a Mining Level of 3 (Obsidian). They are a bit faster than Diamond and have a better Enchantability. The sword does +8 Damage, which is 1 more than Diamond. The only downside of them are the Durability. Titanium Tools/Swords last only 650 Uses, which is much less than Diamond.

The Armor is as good as Diamond, but has a lower Durability too.


You can also use Enhanced Titanium to make Tools, Weapons and Armor.


Enhanced Titanium is very strong! It has a Mining Level of 4 (TiC Cobalt) and is also much faster than Diamond. The Sword does +10 Damage too. The Armor is better than Diamond and Enhanced Titanium is also indestructible! They are getting a Enchanment, when crafting:

Tools and Swords are obtaining Looting III and Fortune III and the Armor is obtaining Thorns IV and each piece gets another enchantment too.


Each Enhanced Titanium Tool has also a special ability:


Enhanced Titan Sword: Charge Attack. Hold Rightclick and release to dash into your enemies!

Enhanced Titan Axe: Axe Throw. Rightclick to throw your Axe and do a good amount of Damage (Configurable).

Enhanced Titan Pickaxe: Summon Torch. Rightclick to place a torch.

Enhanced Titan Shovel: Summon Dirt. Rightclick to place a dirt block.

Enhanced Titan Hoe: Life Transmittion. Shift-Rightclick an Entity to heal it, but damage yourself.




There are also 2 new ranged weapons:


The first one is a Laser Gun. The Laser Gun shoots red Laser Projectiles, which do 4 Damage (Configurable in the config file) per hit. The Laser Gun needs Redstone as ammo. 1 Redstone lasts 8 Shots! Redstone will be consumed automaticaly from your inventory to reload the Laser Gun.


This Mod also adds a Railgun into the game. The Railgun shoots a extremely fast projectile, which creates a big explosion (Configurable in the config file) on impact and does a lot Damage! The Railgun works a bit like a bow, but consumes 1 Titan Projectile per shot. Be careful, because you can easly blow up yourself.


Last but not least, this mod adds in 6 different Lightsabers. They do +8 Damage, are indestructible and make awesome sounds, while swinging. Lightsabers have a very good Enchantability too!




Baubles are actually the main part of this mod. There are many different Rings, Belts and Amulets. You WILL need Baubles to use them!

To craft those Baubles, you will need some Enhanced Titanium and you have to make Titan Amulets, Titan Belts and Titan Rings.




There are currently 4 Amulets:


Amulet of Levitation:


The Amulet of Levitation allows you to fly. Simply hold space and you will levitate into the sky. The Amulet wears out slowly and you have to recharge it with 3 Feathers. You can constantly fly about 240 seconds to the point, where you have to recharge it.


Amulet of Reborn:


The Amulet of Reborn gives you a extremly strong Regeneration, when you are under 1.5 Hearts. This thing can save your life! The only problem is that the Amulet of Reborn can only be used once. After that you have to recharge it with some Crystal Dust and a Golden Apple.


Lifeforce Pendant:


This amazing Pendant gives you constantly 2 extra Hearts. You can also upgrade the Lifeforce Pendant to the Enhanced Lifeforce Pendant, which gives you 4 extra Hearts.




There are currently 14 Rings in this mod:


Anti Rings:


7 of those Rings are Anti Rings. Anti Rings are giving you a immunity to a negative potion effect. This mod adds:


Ring of Anti Venom, which gives immunity to poison.

Ring of Anti Wither, which gives immunity to wither.

Ring of Anti Slowdown, which gives immunity to slowness.

Ring of Anti Hunger, which gives immunity to hunger.

Ring of Anti Weakness, which gives immunity to weakness.

Ring of Anti Blindness, which gives immunity to blindness.


You can also combine all 6 Rings to the Ring of Potion Protection, which combines all 6 immunity abilities.


Elemental Rings:


There are 3 elemental Rings.

The Ring of Heat Resistance, which gives you immunity to Fire/Lava Damage and Regeneration while burning and the Ring of Water Breathing, which gives you Water Breathing and Regeneration, while in water.

You can combine these Rings to obtain the Ring of Elemental Power, which gives you both effects.


Mining Rings:


There are 3 Mining Rings too.

The Ring of Dark Vision, which gives you Night Vision and the Ring of Digging which gives you Haste II.

You can combine these Rings too and you can obtain the Ring of Caving, which grants Haste II and Night Vision.


Ring of Regeneration:


The Ring of Regeneration grants half a heart every 7 seconds. 




The Mod also adds in 6 Belts:


Agility Belts:


We have 3 Agility Belts.

The Belt of Mobility, which grants immunity to Fall Damage and gives you an increased step up height (1 Block instead of only half slabs).

The Belt of Speed, which grants Speed II and Jump Boost II.

And the Belt of Agility, which combines both effects.


Belt of Wrath:


This Belt grants Strength, when you are below 3 Hearts.


Belt of the Metal Skin:


This Belt is similar to the Belt of Wrath, but it grants Resistance II instead of Strength.


Enderman's Sash:


The next Bauble allows you to teleport around like an Enderman. Simply sneak while wearing this Sash and you will be teleported in the direction you are looking. This process takes 2 Uses per teleport and the Enderman's Sash has a Durability of 16 uses. If all uses are gone, you can simply repair the Sash with 1 Enderpearl in a Crafting Table.


Ring That Rules Them All:


Suggested by Shadowilver913


This very strong Ring combines the abilities from all other Rings in this Mod and can be crafted by combining all Rings together in a crafting table. However the Recipe must be enabled in the config file.



Config Options:

This Mod is pretty good configurable. You can:


- Disable/Change Recipes

- Manage the Worldgen

- Change some Weapon Options


Planned Features:

- Ore Generation mod support for BoP, Extra Biomes XL, Highlands, ... Done in 1.0.2+

- Make Tools/Weapons/Armor completly configurable

- A new Ore in the Nether and End

- More Baubles/Weapons

- A GUI for the Titan Crusher and RF support

- Better Textures for some Items/Blocks

Bug Reports please here!

You're allowed to use my mod in your modpack!