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Witchery Master Patch

This mod at first, was created with the intention of preventing vampires of the maximum level from dying due to sunlight. However, I decided to continue the mod, and gradually add new features to it, in addition to fixing bugs.


Latest Features (0.25.1):

Java compatibility bugs Fixed.





Werewolf can use sword


0.25.0 Features:

• Vampires will have a weakness effect if the blood is getting too low;

• Vampires can use fire resistance potion;

• Fixed Character Bugs;

• Removed Duplication Staff.


Patch 1.3 Features:

• Added configuration options to enable or disable the new features.


Patch 1.2 Features:

• Server Side: Werewolves can't break or drop armors. 


Patch 1.1 Features:

• Werewolves can hold items and wear armor.


Patch 1.0 Features:

• Prevents blood loss due to sunlight (Level 10 ).

• Prevents potion effects due to sunlight (Level 10 ).

(Patch/Update) Author
zDeadNow <3

Mod Author: Emoniph