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Become a witch! Perform rituals to get your own staff. Absorb and bound entities to create your own familiars which will fight for you and follow your every move.

Witcheroo was made via the Relay modding principle, for SpookyJam 2023. Each participant had 4 hours to complete their part of the code, before it was send to the next person. The time limit comes with challenges! Everyone has their own programming style and strengths. With it being relayed 5 times, the initial mod took 20 hours to complete. There will be mod updates in the future.

On a player's first night, you'll encounter a witch. She explains how to get started:


Create your own Witch Staff by performing a ritual with crying obsidian, oak logs and a flint and steel:


Absorb glowstone to get mana:


Absorb a familiar's soul by clicking them with the staff:


With a cauldron you can bound the soul to your own familiar: