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This is an unofficial fan work and is not approved/endorsed by CD PROJEKT RED.

Most of in game graphics were made by CD PROJEKT RED for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. They are used here to provide the greatest level of immersion while playing Witcher mod.


Mod is currently on hiatus, but when it comes back it will be a complete rewrite, and I'm moving onto fabric

Heavy W.I.P
This mod will be a part of witcher modpack I am preparing :)
Current Features:
Alchemy - Swallow, Cat, Black Blood, Full Moon, Blizzard, Golden Oriole, Arachas Decoction
W.I.P Mutagen assignment system
Witcher tallisman (Currently only wolf) - allows access to mutagen assignment system
Drowners and Water Hags (their AI is still a W.I.P)
White Frost Effect
Ciri NPC
Epic Fight compatibility

Alchemy system similiar to as it is in the series; potions have doses and are restored with alcohol:

Origins (Human, Witcher, Elf, Dwarf, Doppler)
Oils, Runic Stones and Glyphs to apply on your equipment
All monsters found in the original game
Notice Boards
New items and inventory slots for tamed horses - trophies, chests(saddlebags), blinders, saddles 
Majority of weapons and armour from witcher

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