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This mod does one thing and one thing only: makes snow accumulate in Minecraft.
If it is thundersnowing,  the rate of snow accumulation doubles.


Snow accumulates up to a single block in depth by default.  This can be configured


Config Options:

  • Accumulation Rate: How quickly snow accumulates
  • Smoothing: How many sides need to be at the same level before more snow is allowed to accumulate
  • Snow Drift Size: Number of blocks to increase the snow level at around a snow accumulation event 
  • Max Snow Layers: Each snow block is broken into 8 layers.  Sizes above 8 are treated as multiple blocks
  • Snow Melt Rate: How quickly snow melts
  • Snow Min Layers: Layer to melt down to.  This prevents wintery biomes from turning brown and bare with extended periods without snow.


Timelapse of snow falling in a generic world