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The Wily Textiles Mod

For Minecraft Forge 1.16.5 and 1.18.2!

Initial Release Feature Parade Version 0.1.0 Feature Parade Version 0.2.0 Feature Parade

This is a Minecraft Forge mod centered around the acquisition of textile-like items from alternative sources, as well as a few nifty things to do with all your newly acquired textile wealth.

If you're tired of sleepless nights spent mugging Spiders for their string, then this is the mod for you!


String Analogues

  • Twine: Made from Flax or foraged Plant Fibers
  • Silk Thread: Made from Silk Wisps, themselves made from Cobwebs

Flax Crop

  • Bundle and soak Flax Stalks to create Twine.
  • Mature Flax Blossoms can be used to craft Dyes of various types.


  • A handy 4x4 inventory for storing items ... or capturing dropped ones.
  • The open face of a Basket will capture loose items similar to how a Hopper does.
  • Baskets are compatible with item automation mechanisms such as Hoppers, but won't transfer items on their own.
  • Combine a Basket with a Turtle Shell at the Smithing Table to get a Sturdy Basket - similar in every way, but will retain held items when broken by hand or with a piston.


  • Bolts of Fabric, 16 + 1 colors.
  • Useable in crafting wherever Wool is, such as in Beds or Banners or Carpets, etc.
  • Craftable from Wool at a 4:5 ratio, or from Twine and then dyed.
  • Shepherd Villagers of sufficient skill may sell bolts of Fabric. The required skill level can be changed via configuration, or the feature outright disabled.
  • Wandering Traders will occasionally deal in Fabrics. They'll sell, and rarely buy. This feature can be disabled via configuration.


  • Cushy squishy Cushions, a slab-like block to break your fall, available in 16+1 colors.
  • Stack them higher to reduce fall damage further!


  • A way to create Chainmail Armor pieces, via Chain Mesh
  • Flaxseed Oil, burn it in a Furnace or use it to make Wood Stain or Wood Bleach. Speaking of...
  • A way to stain or bleach Wooden Plank derived items into other forms via Wood Stain and Wood Bleach
  • A way to store all those feathers you've been saving up, via the Bundle of Feathers block
  • ... More features to come! Maybe! We'll see!


Spotlights and Reviews

Angelbee Spotlight

Need Textures?

  • If you like the textures but hate the mod, you can get them separately via my other project, unused-textures.

Notes for Modpack Makers

  • It is not necessary to ask permission to use this mod in your modpack, but I do appreciate the gesture. Permissions for such things are given by the licenses I have selected for the project: CC-BY-4.0 for the non-code assets, and MIT for the code assets.
  • That doesn't mean I don't want to hear about it, however - if you make something cool using this mod or even just parts of it, please reach out because I'd love to see it!