The Wild West Mod adds a variety of different guns and weaponry to destroy your foes! Included in the mod are the, current, three guns: the revolver, repeater, shotgun and scoped rifle. Aiming can be toggled by using shift + right click and only right click to shoot. Finally, said guns can be crafted in the Workbench after gathering the materials listed bellow.

As you may have noticed, the guns are crafted via two new items added called the iron/gold sheet. Similarly to the weapons, these can be obtained through the workbench. By putting it in the designated ingot slot whilst holding a hammer and clicking the 'craft' button, an ingot will be processed.


Tools & Functional Items

Currently there are only two main functional items within the mod, these being the handheld lantern and the ammo pouch. As stated in the name, the lantern will act as a limited light source on the go! Simply right click to toggle the item on and off. The second significant item in the game is the ammo pouch used to store bullets and shells.



If you have any comments or queries, please leave a comment on the post and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Modrinth: Wild West - Minecraft Mod (modrinth.com)