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Tihs should be used in as a dependency in other mods. Not intended for regular game play

Check Gitlab for version Current version

Whats in the Box

Is a basic api allowing the Client to receive information about LootTables on the server

Adding to Project

If you using fabric-example-mod as a base you'll need to add the follow to your build.gradle

repositories { maven { url 'https://jitpack.io' } }

and add the follow to the dependencies block

modCompile "com.gitlab.biom4st3r:WhatsInTheBoxAPI:{version}"

include "com.gitlab.biom4st3r:WhatsInTheBoxAPI:{version}"

Run down

  • The Main method you'll be needing is WhatsInTheBox#requestLootTable(Identifier lootTableId).

-- This will store a LootTable in LootTableStorage or LootTable.EMPTY if it wasn't a valid id.

  • If the server permits it you can also use WhatsInTheBox#requestAllLootTableIds().

--- This will store all LootTableIds in LootTableStorage with null LootTables


  • This mod also enables LootableContainerBlockEntities to store there LootTableId tag with the client(configurable). So you won't need to request that from the server; Just ask that client sideded BlockEntity


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