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"WHAT'S" The Perks

         When first downloading and installing the mod, What's In My Pocket, you will instantly already have a newly generated HUD. Upon pressing the desired key to open the editing GUI (default: f), you will be brought with a self explanatory and very simplistic menu in which you can colorize, customize, and complete your layout via using sliders to change the color scheme, clicking quick acting buttons to toggle controls on or off, and easy buttons to save the settings. Not only will your HUD look more sleek with awesome animations with the experience bar, armor hud, and hotbar scroller. Your eyes will be pleased with the choices you have made.




"WHAT'S IN" The Mod

         Currently inside WIMP is a ton of awesome and amazing features to blow you away!

         These features consist of:

  •           New Health, Hunger, and Experience layouts for a glance of the eye to see how your stats are
  •           Redesigned hot bar with animated scroll wheel for those animation enthusiasts
  •           Customization color scheme for all personels wanting a 'different look'
  •           Simple to use HUD for on the fly editing
  •           Togglable features for the people who don't want it all
  •           Fully redesigned HUD with 100% functioning features
  •           Quick glance inventory searching



          Seeing as the mod is truly awesome, there is always room for improvement so for later I have some planned updates.

          Some of these planned updates consist of:

  •          Movable HUD (Rearange the HUD to your liking)
  •          JSON reading for those who want to make custom HUD modules
  •          Texture choosing for those who want custom resource packs


         I will be honest, I do not know. On the other hand I know of something that can, My mod!

Follow these few easy steps and you will be on your way to finding out what is in your pocket, your inventory, your armor slots, and even your hot bar if you didn't know already!


  1. First head to the main Forge Website and download any version of the mod versions forge
  2. After downloading the file from forge, open it and check client, and click install
  3. Once finished, click ok and navigate to your minecraft directory (Open the Minecraft Launcher, click "Edit Profile", then click "Open Game Directory" in the bottom left)
  4. Drag the file names "WIMP-*mcversion*-*releasenumber*-*buildnumber*.jar" into your MODS folder
  5. Load up minecraft and enjoy!