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Hello and welcome to Meadow! Meadow is a mid sized Minecraft Mod which focuses on improving and overhauling the already existing Meadow Biome. It also expands the variety of animals by adding the almost lost ones from Minecraft:Earth. 

To get some energy for exploring the new Biome you should definitely take some Cheese with you - crafting cheese is another feature Meadow brings. Oh - and consider bringing a weapon; we heard some aggressive Brown Bears walking around there.



  • A new crafting system for Cheese
  • The Meadow Biome got completely overhauled. It features now some smaller building, a forest area, clearing and vegetation
  • New Animal-Breeds for Cows, Cattles, Chickens, Bears and Sheeps…
  • With new Sheeps and Cattles theres also new Wool, Carpets and Beds 
  • You can now get Milk from Goats, Sheeps, Buffalos… Wont spoil to much!
  • Lots of decorative blocks 
  • New Armor
  • A few new paintings featuring some popular places in switzerland 
  • Tired of farming bricks for flower pots? You can craft now wooden flower pots. Coming in 2 different sizes. 
  • A new type of wood
  • A new type of stone
  • A lot of new flowers!
  • Lots of technical Blocks which will help you saving resources and time just like a Woodcutter



How to craft Cheese?
To craft Cheese you will need following Ingredients: Salt, Rennet and Milk. You can find Alpine Salt everywhere underground in the new Meadow Biomes. Rennet can be extracted from Raw Beef, using a cooking pot and Salt. Different Milk will result in different Cheese. 


What about the different Types of Milk?
You can now get Milk From Goats and Sheep. In order to get specific Milk - such as Sheep-, Warped- or Goatmilk you have to use a Wooden Bucket. 



Where do i find all these new Type of Sheeps? 

Flecked and Patched Sheeps can be found nearly everywhere where a regular Sheep will spawn too. Fuzzy Sheeps can mostly be found in Dark Forest or Birch Forest Biomes. Horned Sheeps do like cold biomes: If there is snow your chance finding a Horned Sheep will be certainly higher. Rocky Sheeps therefore can be found on rough terrain biomes. Inky Sheeps can be found in meadow biomes such as Long Nosed Sheeps. 


And what about Cows?
You can find Highland Cattles and Dairy Cows in the Meadow Biome. Sunset and Cream Cows as well as Buffalos can mostly be found in warm biomes such as the Savanna, Savanna Plateau. If you're looking especially for Buffalos just keep an eye on water resources. Cookie and Umbra Cows can be found in Forests and all the other Cows do share Spawn Locations with Vanilla Cows.
Anything special about these cows? Buffalo Milk can only be optained from Buffalos. Umbra and Highland Cattles can be sheared.






1.19.2 and above requires Architectury 

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Requires the Let's Do API

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Requires Terrablender

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Dedicated to MissLilitu