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1.16.5 Is Unstable! Please Use 1.16.4 if you value your world!



Notice: this mod was not made by me I am making this because it is really hard to get the jar file so i wanted to make a central place where the jar files can be. Click here to go to source code.


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Fabric Sourcecode:  W.D.L. Fabric Github


 This mod basically lets you download worlds for offline use For example if you are on a creative server and made something you want to save or share you can download the world.

Discord: https://discord.gg/fgvJSHXs2b


If You Find Any Other Versions You want Me To Upload to Here Message The Download Link To Me at TGUyt.dev@gmail.com Or on Discord And I Will Review It (make sure it is not a virus.) Then upload It Here, Make sure to specify version, modloader, and origin (You, External service, Unknown)


If you want to help wit this mod or any other mod please fill out this from: https://forms.gle/BVSEAQ6fsJnPFwrR8



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