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Way More Ores Mod


Way More Ores Mod


(Leave your feedback about the mod and tell me what other ores I should add!):DDD


This mod is my first mod ever so there may be a few bugs.

This mod adds a bunch of ores to the game to enrich your experience. And don't worry! This mod will be updated a lot :D


The 9 ores are:-

1) Copper 

2) Sapphire 

3) Vibranium

4) Ruby

5) Onyx 

6) Adamantium

7) Aquamarine

8) Mythril

9) Gallium

10) Invar (Thanks to mememachine197 for the idea for the name)


(I am planning to add alloys now so tell me in the comments if its worth it)


I used MCreator for making this mod so HUGE thanks to PYLO :DD

Link to their website-https://mcreator.net/