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Filename WarpDrive-1.6.4-
Uploaded by LemADEC
Uploaded Aug 4, 2015
Game Version 1.6.4
Size 2.39 MB
Downloads 743
MD5 a85118d5d466656563fe0fc5a2c5ed8d
Supported Minecraft 1.6 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Java 7
Java 6


This is the WarpDrive mod itself. You need the WarpDriveCore mod for it to work properly.


This is the latest legacy version by DarkholmeTenk & LemADEC for Minecraft 1.6.4, only compatible with WarpDriveCore

Legacy means it respect the original mod and contains only stable features.


This version requires IC2 experimental, AppliedEnergistics, COFHcore and ComputerCraft.

Gregtech, AdvancedSolarPanel, AtomicScience, ICBM, MFFS, UndergroundBiomes, NetherOres and GraviSuite are supported.

You do need the IC2 experimental branch, not the legacy one.


Update consideration from 1.2.0:

  • Backup your world
  • Check your block/item IDs
  • When reusing existing worlds before this update, change the Space & Hyperspace dimension IDs (it used to take the first free ones, in most cases Space was 2 and Hyperspace was 3)
  • Mining ships will require some adjustment to benefits the changes, including LUA scripts
  • Configure your world border (default is no limit)

Notable changes:

  • Conversion to latest ComputerCraft by DarkholmeTenk
  • Conversion to RF power by DarkholmeTenk
  • Support for better beam effects by DarkholmeTenk
  • and more...
  • Better oxygen tank support by DarkholmeTenk & LemADEC
  • Various chunk-loading fixes by DarkholmeTenk & LemADEC
  • Fixed compatibility with other mods, notably MystCraft & multi-block structures by LemADEC
  • IC2 & RF power merge by LemADEC
  • Integration with Underground Biomes, Atomic Science, NetherOres, Mekanism, etc. by LemADEC
  • New sounds for warp/jump events by Deadalus Project
  • Revamped world generation in space (reduced lag, faster sphere generation, more variation, lots of fixes & more realistic asteroid fields) by LemADEC
  • General balancing and new recipes by LemADEC & mouse
  • Optimizations & memory leak fixes by LemADEC
  • Revamped jump logic to fix IC2 connection lost, crashes with ICBM & Mekanism, transitions, deleted ships, messages to onboard players, etc. by LemADEC
  • Simplified cloaking usage for players (in-game help, transition errors, auto repair, etc;) by LemADEC
  • Pre-configured programs for Radar, Mining laser and Warp Controller by LemADEC based on pastebin known ones with fixes
  • Improved camera handling (translation support, world loading & dying player events, etc.) by LemADEC
  • Added mcmod.info with proper credits by LemADEC
  • Revamped mining laser (more specific, better Deuterium support, reduce server lag, shinny animation, rebalance vs Buildcraft quarry & friends, etc.) by LemADEC
  • Revamped air generation to be less laggy, support bigger area and add pollution/recession as required by LemADEC
  • Added actual cooldown & warmup to jump/warp by LemADEC
  • Fixed compatibility with non-QWERTY keyboards by LemADEC
  • Added support for Forge MultiParts/microblocks by LemADEC
  • Added better server tools with configurable transition plane and world border by LemADEC
  • Fixed cloaking and IC2 reactor dup bug by LemADEC
  • Revamped Warp Core isolation logic by LemADEC
  • and more...

Known issues:

  • NetherOres IDs are hardcoded
  • COFHcore is required but not declared in the mod attributs
  • Scanner doesn't work
  • Transition planes only work for the overworld