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War Hammers

This mod adds a new tool / weapon, the war-hammer.

Stronger than a sword, but slow to swing. Time your hits right and smash your enemies.

War-hammers also act as a pick-axe, so you can mine with them.


Forge Versions (v1.0.1+) - 1.19, 1.18.2

Forge Versions - OLD - (v1.0.0) - 1.18,, 1.16.4


Fabric Versions (v1.0.1+) - 1.19.4, 1.19, 1.18.2

Fabric Versions - OLD - (v1.0.0) - 1.18, 1.17.1, 1.16.4









To make the obsidian war-hammer in survival, you will need Obsidian Equipment.

If you want more equipment check out these! Each one will add a new War-Hammer to craft. (Click the Spoiler)






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