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This is a complete rewrite of the 1.7.10 & 1.10.2 edition of Wallpapercraft, reusing the textures and item names, as provided by the original MIT license.


  • I would like to feature some player-made screenshots; both in this description and in the images tab.  If you do build some structure featuring blocks from this mod, and feel like sharing it with others, please send a screenshot my way.



See JEI for most of your recipe needs.  If you are really desperate to get started, though, you'll want to create one or more Crafting Presses and combine the press with the Solid White Gray base crafting block.  This is just the starting block, however.  Any decorative block can be combined with patterns to create a different block.

Base Crafting Block - Recipe One

Base Crafting Block - Recipe Two


Stairs,  Slabs, and Walls

Stairs are available at Wallpapercraft - A Fresh Roll (Stairs!)

Slabs are available at Wallpapercraft - A Fresh Roll (Slabs!)

Walls are available at Wallpapercraft - A Fresh Roll (Walls!)


A note on the add-on mods.  Wallpapercraft has a lot of blocks.  When you multiply the block count (even excluding glass and lamp versions) by "possible variations of that block", the total number of models created grows quite large alarmingly quickly.  It's just the way Minecraft works, and it's the price we pay for doing things 'The Vanilla Way'.  Please be aware that memory requirements will go up, perhaps significantly.

Be especially mindful that walls in 1.16.3 and above are particularly egregious in their demands for memory.  If you can get by with just slabs and/or stairs, do so.


Planks Constant

Wallpapercraft textures were originally made for 1.7.10.  Textures of vanilla planks, however, changed in 1.14.4.  So far, I have elected to retain the original textures, unchanged.  If you wish to use the new textures, toby20_ has created a datapack addon to that end.



Please report any issues to the GitHub Issue Page.



Textures are from the original WallpaperCraft mod, presently owned by oliviaoliviasson.


Previous Editions