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Wallets for Minecraft 1.16 - Forge

License: LGPL v3

Mod Description

This Forge Mod adds a simple coin system. Perfect for moderated servers.

The system works in a way that there are a few different coin item (1 coin, 5 coins, 20 coins, 50 coins, 100 coins, 500 coins) as well as a wallet item that can be used to store all coins.

Interacting with the wallet opens a gui where coins or other wallets can be transferred into the opened wallet. In the gui every kind of coin can be extracted as well as a set coin value. And if that is too much you can even take a coin pile with a set amount of coins to transfer to another player or wallet.

While the wallet can be crafted, the coins are only accessible through commands.


  • the coin pile button in the wallet screen can be disabled in the wallets-server.toml file in the serverconfig directory



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This Mod is licenced under LGPLv3