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Filename walljump-forge-1.18.1-1.3.7.jar
Uploaded by genandnic
Uploaded Jan 7, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +4
Size 81.16 KB
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MD5 4fbd244394a1db4ec6ef1be6879fc4ff


- Fixed a bug causing the game to crash on world load
- Added support for enchantment descriptions mod
- Fixed console log being a little too friendly
- Increased max number of double jumps to 5
- Added Wall-Jump, Double-Jump, and Speed-Boost enchants (see v1.3.1)
- Added stepAssist: step up stairs/fences while airborne (see v1.3.0)
- Replaced wallJumpHeight with wallJumpBoost
- Replaced wallClingExhaustion wtih wallJumpExhaustion
- Replaced sprintSpeedModifier with sprintSpeedBoost
- Replaced elytraSpeedModifier with elytraSpeedBoost
- Reworked config system to allow changing clientside values
- Added Wall-Jump, Double-Jump, and Speed-Boost enchants
- Added configuration option to toggle enchantments
- Fixed falling sound playing at inappropriate times
- Fixed config options not updating in real-time
- Fixed being able to cling to cacti without taking damage
- Lowered wall-jump minimum config value to 0.0
- Explains how to walljump in the mod description
- Massively improved elytra boost while sprinting / sneaking
- Fixed clipping into walls while wall clinging (hopefully)
- Fixed wonky fall damage when wall sliding and while not
- Moved wall jump / wall cling controls to movement category
- Added sprintSpeedBoost and elytraSpeedBoost option
- Added an option to disable playing the falling sound
- Added autoRotation: automatically turn the player during a wall jump
- Added stepAssist: player will walk up stairs/fences even while airborne
- Fixed wall jumping while sneaking causing the player to jump really high
- Fixed horses / other rideables eating your double jump while riding
- Fixed popping off walls when holding away from the wall for too long
- Fixed not being able to wall jump when inside passable leaves/blocks
- Wall-Jump should be more responsive now and less finicky
- Clipping into walls while wall clinging is less frequent (hopefully)
- Clinging to a wall now replenishes the players double jump if enabled
- Made the hunger bar less oppressive to wall/double jumping ability
- Actually usable in minecraft 1.12.0 and 1.12.1 now
- Fixed wall jump settings not being updated for all players on LAN
- Fixed being able to access the config on servers that enforce the config
- Fixed not being able to double jump when wall jumping is disabled
- Renamed config option "wallSlideTicks" to "wallSlideDelay"
- Added option to exclude blocks that can be clung to using a blacklist
- Added an option to invert the block blacklist into a whitelist
- By default, ice and packed ice can no longer be clung to
- Fixed strict timing required to cling to fences
- Fixed a bug that stopped the falling sound from playing (again)
- Fixed not being able to wall cling to fences/iron bars
- Made wall jumping less of a headache when bound to spacebar
- Added options to adjust wall slide delay and wall slide speed
- Wall jump height now scales with the jump boost effect
- Fixed a bug that stopped the falling sound from playing
- Fixed goofy behavior that allowed you to spam wall jump in corners
- Added sound effect that plays while falling to your doom
- Added an option to enable/disable wall jumping
- Fixed wall particles sometimes not appearing while wall sliding
- Improved the method used to detect walls around the player; if you're collided with a block at any height, you can climb it
- Decreased the default exhaustion value for wall jumping from 1.0 to 0.75 per wall jump
- You now gain exhaustion from both wall jumping and wall clinging
- Added exhaustionWallJump configuration option
- Fixed not being able to wall jump by strafing
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the player to not grab the wall
- Cleaned up a lot of code that didn't make sense
- Fixed a bug that caused you to lose hunger after sliding to the ground from a wall
- Fixed the way sprintSpeedModifier scales speed (2.0 means 2x vanilla sprint speed)
- Added config options to set exhaustion gained while wall clinging / wall jumping
- Added in city_sand's "zh_cn.lang" language file
- Fixed sometimes not grabbing the wall if you were already holding the wall jump key
- Fixed players not being able to double jump immediately after normal jumping
- Changed default sprinting speed modifier to 1.0 (vanilla speed)
- You can no longer wall jump / double jump when hungry (6 food points or less)
- Added block particles to wall clinging and wall jumping players
- Added the optional double jump feature! Disabled by default
- Changed the default wall jump height from .85 to .8
- Fixed a bug where you could wall jump while flying/spectating
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't jump between two walls in a corner
- Fixed a bug that would teleport players to other players when wall jumping
- Fixed a bug where the server player would desync with the client when wall clinging
- Minor optimization that changed the way values in the config are interpreted
- New default values for sprintSpeed (2.0) and wallJumpHeight (0.85)
- Wall clinging and jumping causes your hunger meter to slowly deplete

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