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This is the FORGE version of this mod. Click here for the FABRIC version!

Wall to wall platforming in Minecraft! This mod adds wall jumping and double jumping to the game.


Wall Cling: Jump towards a wall and hold the wall jump key (LSHIFT). Then...

Wall Jump: While wall clinging, keep holding W and let go of LSHIFT to wall jump.

Double Jump: Optional mid-air jump that you can use to your advantage.



If you made a map or video for the Wall-Jump mod and you want it listed here, feel free to message me!


Some configuration options:

- The Wall-Jump key (LSHIFT by default, but SPACE works well too)

- The height and distance launched during a Wall-Jump

- Double jumping (off by default, but it's a really fun feature)

- Single-wall jumping (climb upwards using only a single wall)

- The minimum distance for fall damage (small falls won't slow you down)

- A speed boost while sprinting on the ground and when gliding

- Enchantments for wall-jumping, double-jumping, and speed-boosting

(Servers with the mod installed will force clients to use the server's config)
Use the Configured mod to config the mod in-game!


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