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 This is the Forge version!

 Fabric mod available here

Datapack available here

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8/7/23Wabi-Sabi Structures 1.2.0 / 2.0.0 has been released to the public! The biggest update yet, it marks our final update for 1.19 and our first update for 1.20. A long time in the making, it adds over a dozen new structures and makes numerous balance tweaks and changes in both versions. New crop patches, camps and forts, steamboats sunken in the mud, museums, floating helixes in the End, even remnants of ancient settlements in the Deep Dark. You name it!

In the 1.20 version, we have added a few additional structures, such as the Bamboo Firework Site, and updated several old ones with new content. Most notably, many of our structures now contain suspicious blocks where you can practice archaeology! You can dig up the rubble in the Concrete Mill Ruins, carefully extract the contents of Monster Eggs, find rare loot in the gravel around the Basalt Castle in the Nether, and more.
Zen Chair Museum

 Hide Tannery - Cherry

 Dark Witch Keep

 Ender Claw


Wabi-Sabi Structures adds a plethora of new structures that generate throughout your Minecraft world, all designed with the Japanese philosophy of "Wabi-Sabi" in mind - embracing imperfection while still being aesthetically interesting.



Our structures uniquely complement Minecraft's generation with little extra spices. Expect anything from patches of natural crops, to various cozy cabins, degraded stables, dangerous towers, ominous monoliths, underground eggs of mysterious creatures, and more. Our aim is to provide newfound excitement in exploring new terrain, in a way that allows each world, biome, and dimension to have enhanced variety.


In addition, many of our structures utilize mechanics present in vanilla Minecraft in order to showcase these features to players or alleviate issues in the base game - a tower in the Forest that teaches lighting and extinguishing Campfires, factory ruins in the Nether with a Basalt generator, an orchard in the End featuring different Note Block instruments, to name just a few. The loot found in certain structures might also include items that cannot be obtained otherwise in survival Minecraft, but in a way that is not game-breaking.




Currently, Wabi-Sabi Structures contains 58 new structures, including:

  • 51 new structures in the Overworld
  • 6 new structures in the Nether
  • 1 new structure in the End
  • Variants, loot, and block randomization for many structures to increase variability in generation



A large abandoned Wheat Patch, with an ancient Infested Castle in the background


A Memorial to an anonymous being known as Tonkis...


One of many Effigy Patches...


A River Boat rowing by a Firewatch Tower


Factory Ruins in the Soul Sand Valley, where Basalt was once produced


Inside a Wandering Trader's Cart


A Decayed Stable and horses


A huge Beetroot in the middle of a swampy patch


The Gallows, haunted by the bones of the past


A Hidey Hole, hidden somewhere in the sands...


The Llama Sanctuary, a paradise for Llamas


A Chorus Orchard in the outer End


A Cage built into a Tree, harboring croaking menaces...


Looking out the glass of a Lumpy Tower


An Old Stable at night


An underground Banquet of Monster Eggs, half-feasted upon


Inside a paranoid king's Abandoned Small Castle


A Totem Pole in the Old Growth Taiga


The lower interior of an unknown structure in the Deep Cold Ocean...


We have many more plans for new structures and themed updates in the future, which will include usage of jigsaws to create even larger and more impressive structures.




This version of Wabi-Sabi Structures requires Forge Mod Loader.

  • Download and install a version of Forge compatible with the version of the mod you are using.
  • Locate your .minecraft directory. If there is a "mods" folder inside open it, otherwise create one and open it.
  • Download Wabi-Sabi Structures and place the .jar file inside the mods folder.
  • Launch Minecraft with the newly created Forge installation.



Q: When is the next update coming out???

A: We work at our own pace, so updates will come when we are ready! We don't give exact release dates until we are certain that the update will be released on a specific day.


Q: Will you port to version X.Y.Z??

A: We will attempt to port to newly released Minecraft versions that are compatible with Forge. However, our schedules may not align exactly with Forge's releases, so be patient. We will not be backporting to older versions.


Q: Is there a Fabric port?

A: Yes! You can find the Fabric version of the mod here.


Q: Are modded biomes supported?

A: As of the 1.1.1 update, Wabi-Sabi Structures supports the following biome mods:

The mod will work alongside other mods that add new biomes, but currently our new structures will not spawn in the modded biomes. We plan to add full support for more popular biome mods in the future.


Q: Is the mod required on the client to join a server with it?

A: No! The mod can be installed on the server side and players can join the server without needing to install the mod themselves. You can even join other servers with the mod installed, without problems.


Q: Where can I report a bug?

A: You can report bugs on the Issues tracker on our GitHub. Alternatively, you can join our Discord and report bugs in the #support channel.


Q: I have a super awesome structure idea! Where can I put my suggestion?

A: We love suggestions, and we have a #suggestions channel on our Discord where you can put them! Note that we do not accept all suggestions and that we may take creative liberties to modify your idea if we do, but it is a huge help for inspiration!


Q: Can I put this in my modpack?

A: Yes, just make sure that the modpack is hosted on Curseforge and linked to this page.


Q: Can I make a video with this mod?

A: Absolutely, whether it's a mod showcase, let's play, etc. you are allowed. We would appreciate if you put a link to this page in the description. Let us know when you've uploaded your video and we may put it on the page!


Q: Can I upload this on another website?

A: If you do you give all bodily control of your Optic Nerves to Tonkis! (In case you are confused, the answer is no.)



Wpgradford: Project lead, Extensive builder, Datapack scripter, Discord / Twitter setup

Shadow_of_wights (AKA Wight of Shadows): Prolific builder, Datapack scripter / Mod compiler, Title card artist, GitHub / Curseforge setup

Wilva: Builder, Logo artist

Nate Pinkston: Composed music and helped with recording / editing for the trailer

Special thanks to mathgeniuszach for help with the Fabric mod


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