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Filename VoidCraft-1.12-0.20.1.jar
Uploaded by Tamaized
Uploaded Jun 24, 2017
Game Version 1.12
Size 19.90 MB
Downloads 922
MD5 690e7077630614017f48f3c38cfe7191
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


  • Ported to 1.12
  • Added some safety checks to the Network handlers
  • Updated some block textures
  • JSON recipes, woo
  • The contributor properties now use the 1.12 branch
  • Fixed how the Potion Effects are applied when stepping into Void Fire
  • Fixed various block bounding boxes
  • Added info text for JEI to some items
  • Changed how Void Crystal Ore determines its BlockState (This is just internal code work, no changes will really be seen in-game)
  • Switched to IItemHandler over IInventory
  • Fixed Vade Mecum Shift-Right Clicking not syncing correctly on dedicated servers
  • Fixed a mod interaction crash with the LordOfBlades entity (Guys, don't bother spawning this thing in, it isn't even close to being finished)
  • Cleaned up the color changing text inside the Void Music Box (It looks worse to me visually but the code is much nicer so meh)
  • Switched to the Event Based Registry.
  • Fixed a bug not allowing Forge Energy to be inserted into Heimdall. (Such as other mods)
  • Switched to the Config Annotation system
  • Fixed a bug causing Ore Gen to ignore the Config

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