Well You Can Craft a Notch Apple With Regular Apple With Gold Ingots And You Can Make Enchtantent Apple 

We Have Custom Apples In This Mod I Created Custom Apples In Minecraft


Mystery Apple

1. Mystery Apple - Gives You OP Loot from Vanilla Minecraft (Diamonds, Gold, TNT Blocks, Ender Peral, Eye


Of Ender, Netherrite Ingot Blaze Rods, Nether Star, Emerald, Lapis and Totem Undying

 Mighty Apple

Gives You Speed 5, Strength 5, Fire Resistance 5, Resistance 5, Night Vision 5, Absorpotion 5, Health Boost 5, Regeneration 5  

 Void Apple

Lets You Teleport to The End World.


Milk Apple 

Remove's Potion Effect Including Bad Effects and Good Effects