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I will no longer be updating any of my mods!


This mod will show the power level or redstone that a block is receiving.


Have you ever wondered what Redstone Power (if any) was being applied to a block?


With this mod that is not any issue anymore! It will show you what level is being applied to the block. To use this mod just craft a Redstone Visualizer with a redstone torch, clock, redstone dust, compass, and a stick. Point it at any block and block highlight will be a different color (soon to be configurable!)


Modpacks: YES.



Note: this mod is mostly done, I still need to add config values for all 15 levels of Redstone.



Thanks to Lance5057 for making the item texture, which I enlarged and used as the logo as well

Thanks also to kg6jay for figuring out the code I was having issues with.