Missing Beta 1.7 Terrain Generation? No incentives to explore anymore? All the new biomes kinda look the same? No more rare items anymore?

VintageCraft aims to remedy all of that! The plan is to produce a full conversion mod similar to TerraFirmaCraft, but not as survivalistic. 


Some of the features:

- Biomes are merely an emergent feature of a combination of forest, rainfall, temperature and fertiliy values. This also produces very fluid transitions from biome to biome

- Trees are generated in a very dynamic way, allowing near infinite variations and sizes of the same tree. 

- The Terrain is dominated by Landmass, there are no Oceans currently

- The Terrain generates Strata - various rock layers with at different depths

- Alot more variations of tall grass populates the surface

- Overhangs look more natural and usually larger

- Slightly more realistic ore smelting system


Lots of Textures are from:

- jwbjerk and or from his Lithos Resource Pack

- Conquest Resource Pack

- The Authors of TerraFirmaCraft

- Others we might have forgotten, sorry :/