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 Vinery contains nearly everything needed for not only creating wine but also for building up your own vinery.




  • A new crafting system for making wine 
  • Multiple variants of wine which will affect you differently (in a positive way - were still in minecraft :))
  • New bushes and trees 
  • Lots of decorative blocks 
  • Slabs! Dirt, coarse dirt and grass slabs
  • Finally a flower pot thats big enough so you can place tall flowers in it 
  • Collect a new armor set and make use of its unique set bonus
  • A new type of wood
  • New villager profession and a new wandering trader 
  • … and more

Getting started

You'll need to find grapevine bushes to gather your first Grapes. If you cant find any a Wandering Winemaker will make visit from time to time maybe offering some seeds. You can get seeds by eating Grapes.

After harvesting your first Grapes can either just eat them or put them into a Pot and crush them by jumping and walking around in it. Then you can extract Grapejuice by using Empty Winebottles. Filled Winebottles can be refined in a Barrel by using extra Ingredients such as Sweetberries, Honey and so on. Different sort of Grapejuice and Ingredients result in different Wine. 


There are actually 4 different varieties of Grapes available: 

Light, Heavy, vigorous and resilient. Each of them are found in different biomes and will affect your wines different. For example: You can find resilient Grapes mostly in Jungle Biomes and you can craft mostly Wines with the ability to heal with it. Heavy Grapes are found in cold Biomes; such as Taiga or Old Growth Pine Forests. Most Wines crafted with heavy Grapes will give you the ability to increase your Protection. 

Having troubles finding Grapes or Seeds? A Wandering Winemaker will visit you from time to time - he might offer Seeds for a few Emeralds. 


Feeling lost? There are some built-in recipe Books which will show you some recipes or potential Ingredients. Not the exact syntax - that you’ll have to figure out on yourself. 


So... find out, experiment but most important of all: have fun doing it. 


1.19.2 and above requires Architectury 

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Requires the Let's Do API: 
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Dedicated to MissLilitu