Make villagers more useful with many items to use and improve them

Convert pillagers to Town Guards, and upgrade your Iron golems to a stronger variant that will not hurt players




Rough Emerald Shard

Unlock trades when a villager has them blocked (red X).  Also used as crafting material in many items


Convert pillagers into Town Guards to fight and defend against raids


Oblivion Stone
Upgrade your Iron Golems.  New versions are upgraded and will never attack players even when hit

War Emblem

Summons Pillagers on use


Ichor of Virtue

A bribe used to increase your reputation and erase crimes done in the village


Plague Remedy

Heal zombified villagers without needing potions


Trading Contract

Convert a Wandering Trader into a villager


Infernal Shard
Corrupt villagers and traders into Pillagers, and can make some illagers even more powerful


Scroll of Hubris
Use on a Villager and they will erase their profession, including all levels and trades, even if work-blocks are nearby

Grimoire of the Lost Merchants Guild

Instantly levels up their profession level without doing any trades


Golemsteel Brazier

Lure Villagers and guards to you and have them follow you as long as you hold this


Llama Key
Free Wandering Trader llamas from captivity, converting them to normal



Pre-made texture credits:


https://github.com/Lothrazar/VillagerTools/blob/trunk/1.16/src/main/resources/assets/villagertools/textures/item/read me.txt



Mod ideas based on comments by MrBysco & Gentleman_Gnu