Village and Pillage and Pillage and Village v1.1

5,285 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 12, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Most mods as of now only work for 1.12.2, therefore those who prefer to play modded don't get to cash in on the fun of the Pillagers from the Village and Pillage update. This mod changes that. This mod adds in Pillager parties and Pillagers outposts, since the AI isn't very bright I made up for it by adding plenty of new members to the Illager family. This includes:

The Railiger (A melee Illager)
The Vampire (Basically a teleporting zombie)
The Summoner (Summons villager parties) (As seen in the corner from Minecraft Dungeons Cover)
The Mutt (The Ravager's little wolf cousin)
The Potion Bud (The Witch's assistant)


You can also call apon the Vardians via the Vardian Pouch and right-clicking it with a flower. Vardian Pouch can summon Iron Golems, Vardians, and Varchers.

It doesn't end there though, many structures revolving around the village and pillage theme will spawn around your world. A new set of armors and tools is also added to your Minecraft world, the set being made out of Silver. You can find the rest on your own, good luck!


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This mod will only receive one more update, if anyone wants to take over once the final update is out, just let me know.


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