Vic's Modern Warfare Mod

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Filename mw-1.11.4-beta_mc1.11.2.jar
Uploaded by Vic4GamesTwitch
Uploaded Sep 16, 2017
Game Version 1.11.2   +1
Size 25.17 MB
Downloads 9,621
MD5 a5ff0fc0df5f4c213caed3ec061de6e5
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions


Version 1.11.4 BETA:


  • Fixed Infinite ammo/firerate bug (hopefully)


  • Fixed duplication of guns via inventory


  • Fixed duplication of ammo via inventory


  • Fixed AI not attacking on server


  • Removed AWP (Sorry but it’s getting boring)


Version 1.11.3 BETA:


  • Fixed some crashes and bugs (hopefully)


  • Made A.I. configureable


Version 1.11 BETA:


Introduced Coremod (bundled with the mod)


New Features:


  • On-screen blur effects that occur when aiming


  • Revised night vision (actually works like real night vision), includes sounds


  • Added dynamic aiming movement (makes it slightly more difficult to aim)


  • Added Scav A.I. bandits


  • Added Gassy (A.I. that throws gas grenades)


  • Added M40 Gas Mask


  • Added Gas grenade


Revamped/Reintroduced Weapons:


  • Revamped M107


  • Revamped MP7


  • Revamped MP9


  • Revamped MP5 series


  • Revamped every pistol/sidearm


  • Revamped MP-40


  • Revamped UMP-45


  • Revamped Mosin Nagant M91/30


  • Revamped every shotgun


Added Weapons/Removed Weapons:


  • Removed a lot of guns (from now on we’ll be focusing on uniqueness)