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  • This mod is NOT an implementation of VeinMiner for Fabric.
  • This mod DOES NOT WORK in a single player world. ONLY on Bukkit servers with VeinMiner for Bukkit installed.
  • This mod is an OPTIONAL COMPANION to the Bukkit plugin version of VeinMiner meant to allow more control for the client.



VeinMiner4Bukkit is a client-sided Fabric mod that integrates with the VeinMiner plugin for CraftBukkit and Spigot (etc.) servers. In short, it allows users to:

  • Create a configurable keybind to enable vein miner
  • Display an indicator next to the cursor when vein miner is active


This mod is entirely optional but improves the experience of VeinMiner when playing on a server. While not all servers will allow you to use the client-sided mod, you will be notified if that is not the case. The vein mineable block lists and tools are still configured by the server and the client has no control over this information.


This is a FABRIC mod. (Integration with Forge may come in the future. Maybe)


Bukkit/Spigot plugin:

Source code: