Various Oddities

66,982 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 24, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

A colourful collection of kobolds

Kobolds ship with a number of different skins as well as two options for model (presence of horns and length of snout). They are also the first Oddity capable of both wearing armour and wielding items, making them ideal dungeon fodder.

Doom Looms Large

The Uberwidren is one of the more unique Oddities, with three options for their legs, one for their arms, and one for how many heads they have. It was designed with the idea that this is what the Wither actually looks like, we just suck at summoning it.

Not quite Fabergé, but quite fancy!

Each odd egg includes a tooltip with details of what the contained creature can do and how it can be customised to fit with your specific context.

Pegasi & Winged Donkeys

Both traditional forms of mounted warfare and conveyance are available in functional flying equivalents, complete with the option of a unicorn horn


The largest humanoid mob as of version 2, available in both chubby and buff forms and with up to three horns. A great choice for a brutish boss.

Goblins & Trolls

Two brands of green! Goblins are a slightly-smaller and significantly-less-cute equivalent to Kobolds, whilst Trolls are big brutes that regenerate most forms of damage over time.

Oddity Previews

Holding an Odd Egg will display a preview of the contained mob on the corresponding side of the screen, giving you a convenient identifier of what each egg will spawn without having to check the tooltip or remember the egg colouring.