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The Monster Manual of Minecraft!

Various Oddities provides a colourful and diverse selection of mobs to populate your world, complete with config and customisation options to fine tune them for regular play or for adventure maps!


With a diverse and colourful array of mobs, you're sure to find the world far more alive and certainly far more dangerous, so Various Oddities also comes with a plethora of new and expanded gameplay features to help you keep pace with the velociraptors munching on your chickens. Invest in early-game alchemical brews with the alembic, hold off the hordes of undead with a quick holy symbol, and terrorise the local village by inscribing magical spells to rain doom upon them.


Care and attention is paid to keep the mod as config-friendly as possible, allowing you to tailor your experience as you desire be it for personal enjoyment or for a challenging multiplayer run! This includes minor tweaks like the special creature types of different mobs and players, to the removal of certain magic spells, to the spawning details of different oddities.


Keep apace with development by watching along with the playlist of regular video updates on YouTube



You absolutely have permission to use this mod in your pack.



New oddities and features are frequently teased and spoiled on my Twitter and are occasionally developed live on stream over on Twitch. Various Oddities, and all my other projects, are exclusively supported by all the wonderful people supporting me on Patreon.