Vanilla+ Biomes adds 58 new biomes to vanilla that add more variety to existing vanilla biomes making it more interesting to explore, without adding anything any new blocks or items. The goal of this mod is to add more variety to vanilla biome generation to make it much more interesting to explore.


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Biome List

Taiga and snowy taiga biomes:
* Berry Fields

* Taiga Edge

* Taiga Clearing

* Taiga Lake

* Tall Spruce Taiga

* Pine Taiga

* Tall Pine Taiga

* Fen


Swamp biomes:

* Swamp Clearing

* Swamp Edge

* Lush Swamp

* Mushroomy Swamp

* Decaying Swamp


Forest biomes:

* Forest Clearing

* Forest Edge

* Forest Lake

* Forest Thicket
* Tall Forest

* Tall Tree Forest (there's a difference i swear)

* Flat Tree Forest

* Balloony Forest

* Flooded Forest


Birch Forest biomes:

* Birch Forest Clearing

* Birch Forest Edge

* Birch Forest Lake

* Birch Forest Thicket

* Tall Birch Tree Forest

Dark Forest biomes:
* Dark Forest Edge

* Tall Dark Forest

Plains biomes:
* Pumpkin Patch
* Sparse Forest
* Flower Plains
* Lowlands

* Rocky Plains

* Plains Plateau

Ocean biomes:
* Cold Lagoon
* Lagoon
* Lukewarm Lagoon
* Warm Lagoon

Desert biomes:
* Red Desert
* Oasis
* Lush Desert
* Barren Desert

* Desert Plateau

* Red Desert Plateau


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Tall Forest

 Decaying Swamp

 Pine Taiga

 Desert Plateau