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📖 About:

Vampire's Delight is an addon for Farmer's Delight and Vampirism with the aim of nourishing vampires as well as humans.

📦 Beta Version

This mod is under development, that's why it may be unstable sometimes. Report any issues to GitHub, it can be found in links.

🔨 Dependencies

Requires Farmer's Delight and Vampirism 1.10+:

📊 Common Questions:

Q: What to do if I found a bug/glitch/just weird thing?

A: Report any issues to GitHub, it can be found in External resources in this page.

Q: Can I use this mod into my modpack/server?

A: Yes, feel free to add Vampire's Delight to your modpack/server, but please do not claim you are the author of the mod.

Q: Can I use this mod in my video?

A: Yes, of course! I am always happy to see videos mentioning this mod.

Q: Can you backport the mod to 1.19/1.18/1.12?

A: No, it will never be backported to older versions because of technical differences making it too complex to make. Please don't ask for backports.

Q: Can I reupload this mod to other site, maybe even under my name?

A: Please, do NOT do that. I think I don't need to explain why. It simply violates fair use. It doesn't affect sharing mod files on social media and such non-commerical usages.

🎨 Authors:

🔧 Developers:

  • GridExpert

🍒 Special thanks to:

  • Cheaterpaul (Code)
  • Lunofe (Zin) (Code/Balance)
  • Fluffy_Nuar (Ideas)

📕 Translators:

  • ru_Ru - DimensionPainter
  • fr_Fr - Cursed Shadow
  • fr_Ca - Cursed Shadow

🛎️ Credits

  • Farmer's Delight mod - Vectorwing
  • Vampirism mod - Maxanier, Cheaterpaul