Utility Worlds

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This mod adds three types of worlds that players can access by crafting the corresponding portals: Mining Portal, Void Portal and Garden Portal

  • Each crafted portal will - when first activated by right-clicking - create a new dimension and transport the player there.
  • At the location where the player arrives in the new dimension, a Return Portal is placed. Use this to get back.
  • Portal blocks can be picked up and moved, even to other dimensions.
  • Return Portals can only be moved within the dimension they were generated.
  • Server OPs can right-click a new (not yet activated) portal while sneaking to forcibly link to an existing dimension, using a GUI. Linking from within a Utility Worlds dimension to the overworld (via GUI) should be used with caution. The created overworld portal can be in a bad location (coordinates can be specified in UW for 1.14.4+)

Note: Utility Worlds for 1.14.4+ currently have clouds in the Void World. This can't be helped at the moment, but may be resolved later.

Common for all worlds

  • No weather.
  • Always noon (sun at zenith).

Mining World characteristics

  • Completely flat.
  • No caves, water or lava. Note that other mods may override this behavior, there is no attempt to prevent this.
  • Flat bedrock.
  • Ore generation and mob spawning as in Extreme Hills / Mountains.

Void World characteristics

  • Black sky. star brightness is configurable, default is no stars (only in UW for MC 1.12.2).
  • Considered a plains biome.
  • No structures.
  • 9 x 9 stone platform where the Return Portal is created.
  • If a player dies in the Void World, the respawn is at the same location as when initially entering the dimension. Keep a block there to avoid death loops.

Garden World characteristics

  • Completely flat.
  • Only consists of 4 layers of dirt on bedrock.
  • No ore generation.
  • No mob spawning.


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