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Here is the Useless Sword mod, this mod adds 76 new swords in 1.16, 60 new swords in 1.15, 59 swords in 1.14 and 51 swords in 1.12 !

The swords take again objects already existing in the game where which is obtained by a mobs (install JEI to see all the recipes) 

I'm French and this mod was done with Mcreator (Sorry if I make mistakes in English 😅) 


Here is the list of swords :

Useless Sword is compatible with Aquaculture, Create, Alex's Mobs, Druidcraft, Botania, Update Aquatic, Savage and Ravage, Endergetic Expansion, and Twilight Forest (Optional Dependancy).



Spanish Mod Showcase by Max Covs :


You can put Useless Sword in your modpacks



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