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Wish you could make huge wheat fields easily and fast? Or wide roads by just walking? Or maybe you have hard time finding spawners or slime chunks?
This mod can do that for you!
Introducing Useful Tools: Early game items for your building and farming needs.


easy fast crop plantingCheck out the other images too in Images-tab.


This mod contains tools that help with mentioned above and more.
Running out of wood? - Chopping Axe makes chopping trees a breeze.
Need to wack those weeds of your lawn? - Grass Scythe slices your way ahead.
Want to make huge farmlands? - Dirt Tiller and Super Tiller are your answer.
Planting crops takes time? - No worry Crop Planter is here.
Need to grow crops fast? - Watering Can on the go!
No time to harvest them one by one? - Harvesting Sickle is the key.
Need to get to places and mark route with pathways? - Path Maker and Road Maker are your tools of trade.
Having hard time finding spawners underground? - Spawner Locator is your friend.
Don't know where the slime-chunks are? - Slime Locator helps you very much.

Want to mine fast and efficiently? - Sledgehammers are here. They are enchantable and made from variety of crafting materials.

Want to turn pathways and tilled ground back to dirt? - Rake is for the job.

Need to clear out large area of snow? - Easy peasy with a Snow Scoop.



Changelog can be found in files tab.


Also forum topic on minecraftforum and on forge forums.

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