Upgraded Netherite

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First of all : Texture are based on SystemZee's gilded netherite idea


 This mod may be used in any modpacks.

 No plan for fabric version at this time, sorry.




The 2.0.0 (Beta) is here.

Feel free to give your opinion on the new textures to know if you prefer the new version or the old one.


The updates for 1.17 and then 1.18 will follow.





Add upgraded version of netherite armor, horse armor, sword, tool, shield and bow with uniques effects.

The armour effect can be set to require between 1 and 4 pieces. (Default: 4)

















Gold Upgraded Netherite(Golderite)


  Armor Effect : Piglin become neutral & Increase Luck by 2.

  Horse Armor Effect : Increase rider looting by 1.

  Sword & Axe & Bow Effect : Increase damage dealt to Piglin Brute by 10% & Increase Looting Level by 1. Looting III(or more) increase Looting Level by 1.

  Axe Effect : Increase damage dealt to Piglin Brute by 10% & Increase Fortune Level by 1. Fortune III(or more) increase Fortune Level by 1. 

  Pickaxe & Shovel Effect : Increase Fortune Level by 1. Fortune III(or more) increase Fortune Level by 1.



Fire Upgraded Netherite(Blazerite) : 


  Armor & Horse Armor Effect : Fire damage immune and increase movement speed in lava.

  Sword & Axe  Effect : Increase damage dealt to targets on fire by 4%. Fire Aspect II(or more) increase damage bonus dealt by 3% & Auto-Smelting. 

  Bow  Effect : Increase damage dealt to targets on fire by 4%. Flame increase damage bonus dealt by 3% & Auto-Smelting.

  Pickaxe & Shovel : Auto-smelting. (Can be affected by Fortune in config)



Ender Upgraded Netherite(Enderite)


  Armor  Effect : Saves from the void(by teleporting player) & Prevent Enderman Anger. 

  Horse Armor Effect : Saves from the void(by teleporting horse,but if you ride him without the ender armor effect you not get teleported with him !). 

  Sword & Axe Effect : Prevent teleporting for 10s & increase damage dealt to Enderman by 4% & Teleport Loot to target chest.  

  Bow Effect : Teleport Loot to target chest. 

  Pickaxe & Shovel Effect : Teleport Loot to target chest.

  Enderite Pearl : Hit target for select it and throw it for teleport the target.



Water Upgraded Netherite(Prismarite)


  Armor & Horse Armor Effect : Water Breathing & Increase Movement speed in water. 

  Sword & Axe & Bow Effect : Increase damage dealt to targets immune to fire by 10% & Increase damage dealt to enderman by 10% & Increase Mining Speed underwater. 

  Pickaxe & Shovel Effect : Increase Mining Speed underwater.



Wither Upgraded Netherite(Witherite)


  Armor & Horse Armor Effect : Wither effect immune.  

  Sword & Axe & Bow Effect : Apply Wither on hit & increase damage dealt to targets affected by wither effect by 4%.



Poison Upgraded Netherite(Spiderite)


  Armor & Horse Armor Effect : Poison effect immune & Climbs Walls.  

  Sword & Axe & Bow Effect : Apply Poison on hit & increase damage dealt to targets affected by poison effect by 4%.



Phantom Upgraded Netherite(Phanterite)


  Armor Effect : Fall damage immune & Increase step height. 

  Horse Armor Effect : Fall damage immune. 

  Sword & Axe & Bow Effect : All the living entities around you glowing & Increase damage dealt to phantom by 10% & Increase Reach by 2. 

  Pickaxe & Shovel & Bow Effect : All the living entities around you glowing & Increase Reach by 2.



Feather Upgraded Netherite(Featherite)


  Armor & Horse Armor Effect : Reduce fall damage & Water/Lava Walking. 

  Armor : Double Jump.

  Sword & Bow & Tool Effect : Attracts items near you.  

  Bow Effect : Apply Attraction effect.(Attract nearby Living Entity.)



Ultimate Upgraded Netherite(Ultimerite)


  Armor & Horse Armor Effect : Effect from others armors. (Configurable)

  Sword & Bow & Tool Effect : Effect from others weapons and tools. (Configurable)  

      Can config Insta-Kill for weapon.

      Can config No Damage for armor & Horse Armor. 

      Can config Fly for armor.

      Can config Infinite durability.


You can disable/enable the effects of other armors, weapons and tools by combining them with components in the crafting table.

      Gold Ingot for Golderite effect.

      Blaze Rod for Blazerite effect.

      Ender Pearl for Enderite effect.

      Prismarine Crystals for Prismarite effect.

      Wither Skeleton Skull for Witherite effect.

      Spider Eye for Spiderite effect.

      Phantom Membrane for Phanterite effect.

      Feather for Featherite effect.



Corrupt Upgraded Netherite(Corrupterite)


  Consumes Saturation and Food for recover durability.

  Armor : Reduce Health by 10%.

  Weapon & Tool : Increase Looting, Fortune and Damage for every armor weared.





  Netherite Apple : Hunger II. (00:45), Slowness I. (00:20), Fire Resistance. (01:00), Netherite Strength I. (00:45), Netherite Resistance I. (00:20).

        Netherite Strength I : Multiply Base damage by 150%.

        Netherite Resistance I : Damage received can't exceed 4. (Don't affect void damage)


  Enchanted Netherite Apple : Hunger IV. (03:00), Slowness II. (01:20), Fire Resistance. (05:00), Netherite Strength II. (03:00), Netherite Resistance II. (01:20). 

        Netherite Strength II : Multiply Base damage by 200%.

        Netherite Resistance II : Damage received can't exceed 2. (Don't affect void damage)




 Language :


English (en_us) (1.10.1)

Français (fr_fr) (1.10.1)

Pусский (ru_ru) (1.10.1) (Fr0stmatic & WhiSkaS)

Español (es_mx) (1.10.1) (hir0shiyt)



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