Upgrade Aquatic

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Filename Upgrade Aquatic Wave Three v3 - Beta v1.0.5.jar
Uploaded by SmellyModder
Uploaded Aug 4, 2019
Game Version 1.14.4
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MD5 b0bacac9b786055636099d6b661685d3
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions



--Lionfish: Spawns near coral (excluding prismarine and dead coral) underwater, getting too close or harming it will have it hit you and swim away, which inflicts both nausea and poison. The effects are also applied just by being in contact with it, like a pufferfish. It kills tropical fish occasionally but otherwise likes to stay mostly idle. It can be bucketed, eaten and cooked.

--The Wandering Trader can now sell upgrade aquatic coral blocks (minus prismarine and dead versions), searocket, pike buckets and nautilus buckets.

--Searocket now works as a flower to create suspicious stew, stew created with it provides water breathing for 9 seconds

--Pike are now neutral

--Pike will now attack baby turtles


-Fixed pike not pathfinding to dropped fish

-Fixed pike being able to equip armor through dispensers

-Fixed pickerelweed being able to appear in oceans, beaches and deserts

-Fixed pike item models

-Fixed rock coral fan loot table